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Hi I'm Aaron

I am a father of five and am married to a beautiful woman, I am a social worker, love gardening and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I consider myself a family man who really enjoys life. I am married to a beautiful woman (13 years now) and have 5 children. People always restate "five children" when i tell them, but we love each of them and I couldn't imagine having stopped at 2 or 3. I love and enjoy each of them for different reasons. One of the main reasons I went to university to study was to provide more stability for my family in terms of job and income. It has proved to me to be worth while. I never did really want to study though, but when I discovered social work (working with people to improve their lives) it seemed to really fit me and I really enjoy the work that I do. I always loved sport growing up and would play any sport that I was allowed to. I grew to really love cricket, golf and Aussie Rules Football. Since becoming a family man (not that the transition from single sports loving guy to family man was easy) my priorities have changed. I still enjoy sports, but I go to sport with my children, when they play and watching sport with them. I also garden a lot. Most of the time my wife or a couple of the children are with me and we spend that time talking and learning together about life and how things grow and why. We also love to eat what we grow.

Why I am a Mormon

Firstly, both of my parents were converts to the Church just in different countries. So I grew up LDS. I found growing up LDS was great, I never really did feel restricted by my beliefs as I have heard some LDS and other Christian people say. The churches teachings gave me meaning to my life, a purpose and also set clear boundries and standard I felt comfortable following. At one stage though in my teens, I questioned if I really believed in what I learnt growing up and if I really wanted to follow it. I had family members and friends who had decided a different path and left the church, even though some of them are active in church again now. I studied, prayed and asked a lot of questions and the answers came, some through family, some through teachers at church and some directly from God, a loving Heavenly Father who I came to know was aware of me. I then discovered that for some years I had been experiencing these spiritual interactions with God, the first being when I was 8-9 years old. Just think of that, God was aware of and ministered to a 8-9 year old boy in Tasmania. I then came to believe that whether we are 8, 38 or 80 God knows who we are and wants us to know him. But, I am a very practical person. So one of the greatest reasons why I am a Mormon is the impact that living the teaching of Christ found in the LDS church has had in my life. I can clearly trace the decisions I have made that were influenced by the teaching of the church that have changed my life and have given me so much happiness.

How I live my faith

Because of what living the teachings of Christ has done for me in my life I certainly recommend it to others. I have seen the impact it has had watching some close friends and family living the teachings of the gospel now has in their lives, the difference is amazing!!! Being Mormon makes families better!! I live my faith by telling others who I am and what I believe, I try to improve myself by following the example of Christ, prophets in the scripture and other good people of God and live what I believe (I am far from perfect at it though!!). As a family we pray together daily, read the scriptures and together perform Christian service for people around us. I serve in our church and love helping people by visiting the elderly, supporting other families and single mums, look for opportunities to up lift people around us whether of our faith or not. One of our families favourite family activities is to cook cakes and cookies and do "drop, knock and runs" on people who may be having a hard time to let them know that someone is thinking about them and loves them. If what you have heard here or from others about our faith has touched you, please find out more and perhaps talk to a member of our faith or attend a worship service.