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Hi I'm Jill

I like to learn, hike, create things with my hands, and most of all, just be with (and laugh with) my family and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am passionate. I love dirt, rocks, flowers, trees, creeks, oceans, stars and clouds. I grew up surrounded by the dramatic mountains of Salt Lake City and currently live in the Colorado Rockies. I feel closest to God when I am in nature, listening to great music, or doing service in our temple or elsewhere. I am happiest doing just about anything with my family. I have 5 children and I am blessed because they make me laugh far more than they make me cry. My husband is my best friend even when he annoys me. If I had to be an animal it would be a bird, but ironically, I battle a fear of heights. Flying would feel free and I cherish freedom as much as great views. I love learning and just wish I could remember it all. I learned to swim and play piano in my thirties, then forgot in my 40s. I like helping other people and believe we help them most by teaching them how to reach more of their potential. Why would I want any less for them than I want for myself? As children of God we all have infinite potential to improve and grow more like our father. I am an optimist.

Why I am a Mormon

I am mormon for many reasons. My family on both sides were early converts from England, Sweden, Holland, Italy and other parts of Europe. I am proud of my heritage of passionate, hard-working, spiritual, good people. Ancestors who sacrificed for their families and decendants, were willing to take chances and be obedient to a greater power, and who suffered a lot and still kept a focus on helping others. My parents were not adherent members of the church and growing up I lived with the many hard consequences of their choices. I also lived amongst active, striving members and my devout grandparents. As I grew, I watched and contrasted what I saw and was able to set a course for myself. I loved my children before they were ever born and I wanted them to have the best lives possible. I wanted them to have a father who loved them, worked hard, and didnt indulge in addictive substances. I wanted their father to be honest and loyal and love God. Even with a good life plan, we cant avoid pain, sadness, failure, sin, and all earthlife difficulties, as we know. I have experienced all of those in my adult life. Life is not easy, but, it is a far happier life than the one I lived as a child and I am not done yet. My grandfather always said what counts is the striving and the never giving up. I try to forgive myself and others and keep going. I am a Mormon because I believe this is the guide my Father in Heaven gave me, for this lifetime, to stay closer to him and to learn of him and practice His ways. To find the things in Life that truly matter and are of eternal value. I am a Mormon because in Gods church I can learn, find opportunities to serve, become a leader, learn and practice many skills and meet people who are supportive of my goals. I am Mormon because like my ancestors, I love my family! I am Mormon because in this church family is everything and even if you dont have a good family or any family it is still an attainable goal and we will all have it eternally.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in an evolving fashion, striving to do a little better each day. When I mess up I have a process of repentance which includes trying to make up for what I have done wrong. I struggle plenty, but I go to church every Sunday and renew the covenants and promises I have made with my heavenly father by taking the sacrament and recommiting to him. It is like having a new years resolution each week, which is much more manageable. We read the scriptures as a family almost everyday and try to have lots of family time during the week. We pray a lot together, before parting for work and school and at meals. We pray to close the day as a family. We need all the help we can get in this world. At church, we get callings, or jobs to do, which makes church much less passive for us. We get jobs we are not qualified to do and we learn to be qualified. We are pulled out of our comfort zone to teach, to give talks, to lead, to organize. I currently have one son serving a 2 year mission in Brazil and of course he has had to learn the language etc. My husband learned Japanese as a missionary after high school and both have been able to serve in cultures very different from our own. Church is a growing experience as well as a spiritual one. I have taught womens and childrens classes and was a leader over the childrens program for a few years. I learned as I went with the guidance of others who had done it before and with the help of church publications. I participate in service opportunities and also activities set up for fun and socializing. Jesus Christ is my personal Savior and the best example we can follow. I know he would never ask me to do anything except the things which will make me the most happy so I try to be obedient and have faith that his plan is always better than anything I could come up with. I live my faith one day at a time with an eye tuned to the bigger picture, one that extends beyond this earth time, but also makes this earth life better too.

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

I believe the best way to increase faith is to live it. Someone once told me that faith is a verb and its true. You simply keep trying to live the way God has asked and the fruits of that effort and the spirit of God will testify to you that this is right and so you keep doing it and trying to improve your obedience as you go along. You dont have to only take someone elses word for it. The best way to faith is to follow your own inner impressions with prayer and study of scripture and listening to the living prophet. If the spirit is impressing you to listen to the gospel or tell you that certain teachings are correct we must follow those promptings and He will give us more. You can train your spiritual ear so to speak. As you listen and obey, he will prompt and guide you more often. We pay attention to spiritual impressions while learning his teachings and praying and then doing and living it. That is how faith grows. Faith can stop growing or even die if we stop listening and stop living his word. Our faith waxes and wanes as we go along but it should not be abandoned just because we have hard times. Faith is worth nurturing, like nursing our body when it gets sick. When we keep trying and place our faith in the Lord, he will give our spirit nourishment. We dont have to be perfect to exercise faith. We just have to try and keep trying even when it seems hard. Faith is a step into the darkness or even many steps into the darkness, holding onto his word until we see light. Show more Show less