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Hi I'm Christina

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in mathematical sciences from University of BC in year 1999, and then Pharmacy Diploma from VCC community college in the year 2002. I have been working ever since I have graduated in the fall of 2002 first in the pharmacy for one year, and then later in the year 2003 I have been transfered to work for pharmaceutical company since then for nearly eight years now. Right now I am approaching to finish my business certificate in Kwantlen University College in the fall of 2012. I work full time and study full time. I become one of the favorites of my boss, lead hand for my team in the future. I am usually an ace for my studies as well as for my job. With my degree and experiences, I can almost fullfill everything that has offered. I am single.I like music, I used to learn music while I was very young,especially classical musics to pop musics, ranging from Beethoven, Chopin piano, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Puccini Operas,Mendelssohn,Strauss, to modern musics like Andrew LLoyd Webber, Pet Shop boys, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Madonna,and etc. For leisure, I like traveling. I have been in Europe to Germany in 2007. I enjoy Art works, paintings and sculptures. I love Gospel, reading Bible is one of my joy. On Sundays, I used to put down everything and doing things differently apart from others days, for example, cooking and visiting friends, going to church sacrament. I have already made them routinely done for the past ten years.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I am the chosen one since I am the only one in the family choosen to live following Jesus Christ and to become a Mormon Christian. I believe that people see things differently according as they are materialists or idealists. I choose God and He chooses me. I am ordained to become a Mormon. I came to Christ while I was a young teenager at the age of sixteen. I remembered that I asked to pray for the first time because I was overwelmed by the Holy Spirit, I felt God's presence and His Power. Since then I deligently read Bible, but had not found the true Church. At nineteen years old, one day the two missionaries came to my door, and I grasped the opportunities to listen, to change, to explore,and to experience what the life is like of becoming a Christian. God wiling, I successfully fulfilled. Since I have joined the Church, I have experienced ups and downs,crests and troughs,tears and happiness, but I always believe that everything is under God's good care no matter how sometimes the situations so bad and so disppointing they might appear to be. I believe that these trials and tribulations are necessary for my personal growth and eternal salvation. At the time of pain and despair, I turned to Book of Mormon and read the Bible, only then I have peace, for I know God has not forsaken me. I have found the true Church, Book of Mormon is my anchor. In Church,I am happy. Even though past is sometimes haunting,and presence is also sometimes daunting, I have no regrets,no complaints, and shameless. I have truely found who I am, for God is my sheperd, I shall not want.

How I live my faith

Since I have become a church member, I live up to Words of Wisdom, pay tithing. In my home, I have convinced my family that too much alcohol,coffee,and tea are bad. Smoking is already forbidded, for we have such a healthy life. I pay donation every month, for I think that money has somewhere to go and someone to share. At least this is something basic I should do for my church. At work, whenever I have the chance, I have always sought for the opportunities to share my testimonies to my co-workers.I have been a good example for them, I am deligent, faithful, hard-pressed,long-suffering. If I am not busy with works, I always come back to the church for sacrament and church activities. They are always on my mind, in my house, in my life. Sometimes I buy the foods for the missionaries because I am too busy to offer them dinner in my house. This is the at least I can do.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith is our Church's Prophet, Leader,Crusador, and Hero. Without Him, there is no Book of Mormon existence and true Church would never have been restored. He is the Seer and Revelator, all of the honors went to Him.He is a Prophet in the latter days. He is proving that Men can progress perfectly from imperfections and can live like God. Even though he is short-lived, but his influences are perpectually strong. Now the Chruch stand like mountains, firm and immobile. I will never defy and deny Joseph Smith like I would never do so to Jesus Christ. I will cherish him forever. Show more Show less