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Hi I'm Sharon

I'm a Mormon. I was raised in the Church but did not recieve my own Testimony untill I was an Adult, Never too late to find God.

About Me

I am a woman. I want what everyone wants, To be loved,to be successfull in whatever life throws me, and to overcome the trials that come my way. I am a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. I want to be a friend and to be kind to everyone. I want shelter and food and all that helps my life comfortable. I want to feel good and be happy and enjoy whatever each day brings. I like to sit down with a good book, I like good clean music. I like to cook and bake and eat it too. I love my cooking! Its not fancy its just my food made by me. I like to share my meals when someone is in need. I would like to help every man or woman who stands on a corner and asks for help but I can't so I do what I can. I enjoy my quiet time my alone time. I love when I am with my husband the security he gives me, his support and his time. I love the rain and the storms in the night sky, the beauty of the earth the cool night breeze on a hot day through my window. I love a good movie,a clean home, the smell of lilacs. I love to hear the sound of my kids voices, and their arms wrapped around me telling me that they love me. I love my country the USA no matter how hard the economy gets. I have retired from a job that treated me decent after 30 years, and get a retirement check each month. I have GOD AND FAMILY AND THAT IS WHAT I ENJOY THE MOST. I am just a simple woman striving to be the best I can be day after day even.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Mormon faith but became lost along the way into adulthood. My parents taught me that God is real and that Jesus Christ is God's son and my brother and that they love me very much and that I could talk to them through PRAYER. I believed the church was true but I did not have a TESTIMONY of the Gospel untill after being inactive in the church for many years. Nothing was working for me overall, failed mairrages, confusion for my children. I need a change. I went to church and this sweet small voice whispered to me to give the church a chance. I knew what I should do. It wasn't easy and I didn't change overnight but it felt right. As I persisted to change me and my life I became happier. I started listening to the spirit and started reading the scriptures and the wonderful magazine called the Ensign. I wanted to learn why I am here,what is my purpose,where will I go after death. I wanted the better part so I chose to live the Gospel and I now know that The Church of Jesus Christ is here for a reason, there is a plan and a purpose for me and for you. Through my prayers my Father in Heaven has let me feel his love and let me know that what I am doing is pleasing to him. I repent of my sins and he forgives me and lets my heart beat fast when on occasions I need to feel my testimony and feel him working in my life. Through my faith he helps me, heals me and teaches me that I am a valuable woman. I am a child of God and he loves me and wants me to return to him when my life is finished here.

How I live my faith

I want to be a good person and a good example no matter what or how I CHOOSE to worship God. I live my Faith by Faith in my Heavenly Father and I CHOOSE to give him credit for the good in my life. I CHOOSE to believe that Christ lived and died for me so that I could come down from our premortal life to this earthly life to learn and to grow more and that there is a purpose for me and a plan for me from my Father in Heaven. I CHOOSE to give thanks for all that I have to God. Everything I have is his. I CHOOSE to pay my Tithe because its a commandment, I CHOOSE to not use foul language,or watch R rated movies, or listen to music that is not uplifting.I CHOOSE not to use alcohol and drugs for an excuse to feel good or to hide from pain. I CHOOSE to go to church every Sabbath that I am able, because its His church you can feel of his spirit. I CHOOSE to read scriptures because in them is knowledge and answers. I CHOOSE to believe in a Prophet today because God wants us to know that he is still directing us, guiding us and that he love us. We are not alone. Christ showed us the way and now his Prophet is showing us the way. I CHOOSE to believe this because there is not a better way. Its all Positive. It makes sence. There is a purpose and a plan for me and I CHOOSE to want that plan and to have Faith in him.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

These are my thoughts: The Bible is the Word of God as far as it is translated correctly. In a way they are Journals put together by God's Apostles and Prophets for all people to learn and to grow into a better people and to know that we must believe in God and in his Son and these men are bearing testimony to that fact. We need the Bible to learn from these Prophets and Apostles of their dealings with God and Jesus Christ. So the Bible is a great History Book for the past but the Truths remain today in the words. Another History Book of Scripture is The Book of Mormon. It goes hand in hand with the Bible. You will find the same truths in this book. A HISTORY of People who had dealings with Jesus Christ and their Journaling of these great events for us Gentiles to learn. Show more Show less