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Hi I'm Theresa Schieffer

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Looking at my profile picture, I am reminded of the day the missionaries came to my door. It was Christmas Eve, and though I had always slammed the door on them in the past, my son, who had been a member of the church for five years, had told me of their quest and how they were thousands of miles away from home. Since it was Christmas Eve, and I knew they were away from their families, how could I turn them away when they had taken the time to come see me. And so began my first lesson. I would be baptized on March 29th, and my first anniversary is coming up next week. I chuckle when I look at this picture, since it looks like I'm a midget, but the truth is, these two young men probably descend from the giant clan. One is 6'10", the other is 6'4". They each epitomize the eternal gentle giant. Never have I known three such devoted young men. I will be receiving my endowment on April 27th at the Washington DC temple, and I cannot imagine what this new ordinance will bring into my life. To Elder Bricker, Elder Hardinger, and Elder Spotz: thank you so much for going out on your mission, and for bringing me into the LDS church. I've never felt so close to Jesus and Our Heavenly Father and never practiced a truer faith. I know the Latter Day Saints church is the one true church, and for anyone who is reading this, I hope you will also find the happiness and joy which is right here for the taking. Investigate further, and find your testimony of truth.

Why I am a Mormon

When I first went to college way back in 1975, I came across a book called "The Vision" by David Wilkerson. He said he had a vision, and he predicted things that would happen in the future to precede the end times. I became interested in the things that he said would happen, and as the years progressed, more and more of the things he predicted happened one by one. He said that the Protestant and Catholic Churches would come together to form one Super World Church, and that the church would be Christian in name only. They would be political in nature and corrupt. Meanwhile, there would be another church that would be the only church that would be truly Christian in nature, and that church would spring up in back rooms and basements around the country until they were able to raise enough money to build churches in different areas. I began to look for such a church, and I prayed to Heavenly Father to help me to find the church as it sprung up around the country. One day someone invited me to a service that was in the basement of a local store. I went, and while I was there, I couldn't help but wonder if this was the church that David Wilkerson had been talking about. I continued to go there, but then I wasn't sure if it was a cult or if it was true, and since my mother was hurt that I was not going to the Catholic Church, I returned back to it. Years passed. I began investigating the church, and the missionaries brought a couple with them whom I knew. They had seen me all those years ago in the basement of the grocery store, and informed me that it had been the LDS church. I went back to "The Vision" and reread the excerpt about the churches and realized that Wilkerson had been writing about the LDS church. I called my son and asked him when he was coming to baptize me. The rest is history.

How I live my faith

I haven't really received a calling yet, but the bishop promised me today that he would be looking into that. For the time being, I'm doing service whenever I see an opportunity. Maybe someone needs help somewhere and I have the free time, and so I'll pitch in and help them. That gives me a feeling of self-worth unlike any I have ever experienced before.