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Hi I'm Zach

I'm a training specialist. I love good books and fine films. I make a mean pizza. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

A proponent of the curious life, I'm a life-long learner. Every topic is a puzzle that I would like to understand. In my younger life I wrote stories and plays, performed on stage, played sports (basketball, football, and tennis), and participated in school activities like debate. Now that I'm older, I write shorter stories, play fewer sports, and (according to my children) still debate. But I still love to learn. One interest that has followed me throughout my life (and explains my desires to understand new things) is a love of cooking (and eating). Cooking is a perpetual puzzle. Once you've mastered one dish, there is always another one too try. I've mastered (to some degree) the making of pies, rolls, bread, fudge, caramels, and pizza. I'm still working on creating the perfectly acceptable homemade Buffalo wing, chocolate chip cookie, and country sausage breakfast taco. On a similar note, as I've grown older, I've found that my house can be a puzzle, too. Fixing things has become my latest hobby. I think the advent of online video has helped me with this. The other day our washing machine wasn't working. Thanks to online help, I was able to fix the broken part (a switch) with a bit of wire. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment even though on the grand scheme of things it was pretty insignificant. But figuring things out like that gives my life its spice. Life is curious thing. Curiouser and curiouser.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I've felt the witness of the Holy Ghost telling me that this is the church of the Savior here on the earth. I first remember feeling the power of the Holy Ghost just after I was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. I was sitting in a church meeting where I'd sat for many years before that moment and suddenly I felt a powerful prompting to action. It was different than emotions I had had before and I knew that I had been introduced to something wonderful. Following that Spirit has led me from one good thing to another and from one truth to another. We believe in the church that truth is comprised of things which were true yesterday, are true today, and will be true tomorrow. Discovering truth and living it brings blessings. Having followed the Spirit to an ever-expanding world of truth, I have tested, if you want to call it that, the teachings of the Church and found them to be strong and supportive, the sure foundation upon which one can build securely.

How I live my faith

Following the Lord means serving others. Currently I am Bishop of one of the many congregations in San Antonio. Serving as a bishop means to lift the poor, help those who suffer, and provide counsel to the members and youth of the church. It is not a paid assignment (I work at a traditional job, too), but it is a blessing. One of the great memories I have as bishop was when Hurricane Ike hit Houston. I was asked to gather members of our ward to go and help clean up the trees and other debris that had fallen during the storm. When I asked, many men volunteered their time to go with me and help with the clean-up. We joined other members of the church and community and went to work. Our work that day took us to a house where a giant tree had fallen on a shed. Even though many of us didn't know what we were doing (chain-saws are strange and ungainly creatures) we were able to clean up that yard and parts of the adjoining yards. It was hard work and hot work, but more than that it was a joyous work. It was a blessing that I knew where to find because that which we do for others, we do for the Lord. Another of the things I do in the ward which brings me joy isn't a part of being a bishop. In the church, both men and women visit and help other members of the ward . In performing such visits, I have been able to help through baring testimony, helping others find food resources in times of trouble, and perform simple repairs around the house. I have gained a close association with both older and younger people and have felt my life enriched through love. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ means more than just basking in His light. It means carrying that light to those who find themselves lost in the dark. The church provides a constant source of opportunities to serve both those who belong to the church and those who don't. Through that service, I find that I work not only with others, but with the Savior himself. And what greater blessing is there than that?