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Hi I'm Alan

I was born and raised in Texas. Education is my passion. I love to laugh. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm from a small family, just Mom, Dad, and Sis! It's just perfect for me though. I've gotten into running and cycling throughout my years and its something I enjoy when I need some fresh air or a little excercise. I love going to school and learning about new things. I have finished a few semesters at the University of Texas at Arlington studying Computer Science. Perhaps I might change to another engineering degree though. Sometimes it's hard to decide what to do, especially being a lover of Math, Science, Computers, and business!

Why I am a Mormon

Well, because its true! Its hard to explain the peace and joy that fills my heart when I follow the council of prophets both living and long past. I've had times where I haven't felt happy about myself and who I am. When I have been down and sad, God has brought peace to my heart through the scriptures, which are written by prophets from the past. I know the bible to be the Word of God. Many people all over the world of many different christian denominations have come to this same knowledge. However, the Book of Mormon has helped me grow even more in my faith of God and his son Jesus Christ. I know the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God also. The Book of Mormon has helped me come to the knowledge that God and Jesus Christ love all people in all parts of the world and have provided the way for them to return. The Book of Mormon is a second witness of Jesus Christ and the truths explained in the Bible. I know that because the Book of Mormon is true and is of God, then the very same Church of Jesus Christ that existed over 2000 years ago has in fact been restored. I am a Mormon because the Prophets and Apostles leading His church are infact true messengers of Him. I want to follow my savior as closely as possible and this church is the way that I have found how to live my life so that He would approve. I have seen so many blessings by living higher standards. I have seen heartache and pains from the times when I don't.

How I live my faith

I'm not one to judge. I love being with people of all nationalities and from all backgrounds. I always try to relate myself to everyone because it was Jesus Christ that walked among all the people. It didn't matter what they looked like or who they were. Showing respect and love towards everyone is how I try to live each day. There are so many new friends to be found everywhere we go! Sometimes just meeting someone new and offering a compliment, a helping hand, or a few words of comfort are ways I live my faith. Share a smile or have a good laugh with someone new! Bring a little extra happiness and light to someone's day! I believe that if I had love towards everyone I would want to share something with them that is really special to me, something that has helped me find true lasting happiness. That's why I put my life on hold for 2 years to leave and serve a mission, so I could share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with His children, my brothers and sisters. How else could I really live my faith than by sharing it with everyone I meet everyday for 2 years?

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Nope! Joseph Smith is just a prophet, an instrument in the hands of God. He's like a modern day Moses or Noah, but we don't worship him in anyway. Like prophets before Joseph he had a calling in life to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people and to testify that Jesus Christ is the only way to live with God again. He is just a man and he restored the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth like former prophets because that's what God told him to do. We worship God and His son Jesus Christ. They are where all praise and glory should go to. If it wasn't for our Savior, Jesus Christ, there would be no hope of ever finding true happiness here or forever because we would be stuck dealing with our guilt from mistakes and sins. We are so fortunate that God has provided the way for us to return to him. He did so because we are His children and He loves us more than we can comprehend! He really is our Heavenly Father! There simply are none other to worship than God and Jesus Christ. Show more Show less