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Hi I'm Bryce

I'm an outdoor enthusiast, I love being with friends and family, I love playing Ultimate Frisbee, and I am a Mormon!!

About Me

I mostly grew up in the town of North Ogden, Utah. we moved away when I was 11and then moved back a few years later so that's pretty much where I've lived my whole life. I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh. Life is about having fun and that's what I do, I have fun! But life is only as fun and great as the people your with, so I absolutely love spending time with my family and friends! I also love doing anything that is outdoors and active and those that know me know that If it doesn't require some type of physical activity, then I'll probably find something else to do that does. After I graduated high school I went to Utah State University for a year. I then put my life and schooling on hold for 2 years and served as a missionary to share the truths of the Atonement and Gospel of Christ in Spokane Washington. I had the opportunity to work with people from all over Central and Southern America and learned to speak Spanish. It was an experience I wouldn't ever give up. I am now back at Utah State studying to become an electrical engineer. I do my best to balance school, work, and life. I'm not perfect at it, but I know that as I trust in God and put Him first, it'll work out how it needs to.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints(Mormons), but that is NOT the reason I am still a member of this church. God is our Father who loves us. He has always had prophets. They give us guidance and guidelines for living so we can be happy and return to God. Christ Himself came and gave His life to provide the way to return. Part of what Christ provided was the organization of His church, which included Apostles, prophets, power and authority from God (to perform miracles and baptism), and revelation. Unfortunately, over short time, Christ and His church, including His Apostles, were all persecuted, rejected and many killed. Without prophets or authority, doctrines changed and many churches were formed which interpreted Christ's teachings differently. All of these churches were not divinely created or empowered. They did their best with the doctrine they had, but without revelation and authority, it could never be a church from God. In 1820, God and Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in answer to his confusion (like many of us) concerning where Christ's true church was now. They gave him authority to RESTORE Christ's original church as a prophet. The Book of Mormon was brought forth as another testament of Jesus Christ, and to be evidence that Joseph Smith is a prophet. I am a Mormon because God has told me, by the power of His Holy Spirit, that this is HIS one true and authorized church on the earth. You can know of this glorious truth too.

How I live my faith

Much like a loving parent will give their child guidelines and restrictions for their safety (like not playing in the street), God has given us commandments to follow because He loves us. He has also given us a way to repent and seek forgiveness when we disobey. Obedience to God not only brings blessings, but more importantly it SHOWS our love for Him. (see John 14:15). As an imperfect human being, I simply strive to work through my weaknesses and follow the example of my Savior. A collection of good works is not what will get me to heaven. As I strive to become like my Savior, I qualify for His grace to enter my life and change my heart. So I do my best to attend church each week, to read from the holy scriptures daily, to pray, and to live the commandments, so that He can help me become a better person and be worthy of Eternal life in His presence. I testify that happiness and peace come to us as we continually and consistently live the commandments. I'm not perfect at it, but my life has changed for the better as I rely on the Savior and do my best to keep His commandments. I also live my faith by sharing it. If you found something that you knew would help everyone you know and love, wouldn't you share it with them? That is what being a Mormon is to me. As a missionary, I personally saw people's lives change as they came closer to Christ. If you're searching for happiness, this is where it's at. Don't believe me though, experience it for yourself.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Lawyer vs a police officer: Who knows more about the law? One would argue that a lawyer does. So does that mean that a lawyer can enforce the laws the same as a police officer can, just because his knowledge is adequate? What is missing? Why can't he? Because he is not authorized to do that. In the same light, knowledge alone about the scriptures or about Christ or even about baptism does not qualify one to perform an ordinance (act) that is valid in the eyes of God. The authority comes directly from Christ. Every authorized member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints can trace his authority DIRECTLY back to Christ. Just like an electrical circuit cannot have any holes or gaps in it for power to flow from the source to the output, man cannot exercise God's power without being authorized through the laying on of hands, and one must be worthy to exercise that power. Show more Show less