Devin: Missionary, Music, Bountiful, Happy, Sports, Franke, Mormon.

Hi I'm Devin

About Me

My name is Devin Matthew Franke. I was born and raised in the land of Bountiful. I always look like I have a 5 oclock shadow. My passion comes from those I love, my God, my family and my friends are the most important to me. When I write music, when I go to school, when I sweat, it is for them. My life revolves around being with and helping those that I care about. All my hobbies are nice and fun, but when it comes down to it, God, my family, and my friends, are my most recognizable trait.

Why I am a Mormon

It just makes sense to me. Every piece of the puzzle is put together. I always ask too many questions but, with the questions I ask, there are answers! I have tested the Mormon church again and again, I have seen the other side of the fence, and I know that this is where happiness is. Where joy and peace are found. There is more happiness and "fun" found living the gospel of Jesus Christ than anywhere else in the world. If you want to be happy, if you want to feel loved, if you want to feel like you belong, if you want those you love to be with you forever, try living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ's hand is always reaching for ours. I promise you won't be disapointed.

How I live my faith

I am a son of God. With that knowledge I try to live my life the way He would want me to live it! There is no shame in submitting ourselves to God's will! He loves us, with a perfect love, and will take care of us if we allow Him to! Right now I am serving a full time mission in Baton Rouge Louisiana, but that's just the start of what God has planned for me. Lose your life for Christ's sake, and we will find it. I know that one of the most important traits we can possess as human beings is unconditional love. Jesus Christ taught us how to love unselfishly! Trying to love the way that Christ loves is in a nut shell, the way I try to live my faith. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us, and will always love us, and will always be there when we need them. They forgive when we apologize, they comfort when we hurt, they heal when we are wounded! What if everyone on earth at least tried to love like they did? I think that we would all be a pretty happy. When I decided to try and love people, I became a lot happier. The sun is brighter, I am more patient with those who aren't, I am more forgiving, I find myself serving others, I worry about myself less, I see God's hand in my life more, I feel God's love for me more! It's funny how happy God will make us, if we just let Him.