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Hi I'm Ajey

From being a captivated, cynical and miserable Agnostic for a decade to being a free, optimist and joyful LDS. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I used to be an Agnostic for almost 7 years now. I did not believe in the existence of miracles, and thought of it to being pure coincidences. Although humorous in personality, eyes gleamed with sadness in search of something spiritual and contenting. 1 year of knowing, understanding, respecting and loving an LDS woman, now my fiance - Annie Cameron. 1 year and 6 months of investigation, 2 500-worded e-mail to the Sydney Head Office brought the Missionaries to my house. After battling family issues, and my inner turmoil and viewpoint about religion-based hypocrisy, I decided to get baptised in the true Church of Jesus Christ. It's been 9 months now (and counting). Now, I am a postgraduate in Advertising, a graduate in Film and TV. I continue to design Advertising Campaigns for Chevrolet in India, Hell Pizza in Australia, and I am a music album and car reviewer. Apart from this, I am a writer and a social media co-ordinator for a local company up in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. I love fast cars and bikes, progressive rock and heavy metal music. Having said that, I am open to different genres of music including classical too. I am an avid movie watcher and I'm a big supporter of independent filmmakers and auteurs. I love and support organic farming, and I am pedantic about what brands I buy. I love reading columns and articles on various subjects online and some classic literature. Alas, I have an identity - I am proud to be an LDS; Mormons to the rest of the World.

Why I am a Mormon

I am an LDS (a Mormon to the rest of the World) because it makes me feel complete, hopeful - hope drives mankind, faithful - I believe so I know, disciplined, optimistic, open-minded, humble, kind and helpful. What to others is foolishness, to me is being hopeful and faithful. I have witnessed deaths of my friends in vehicular incidents, and both national and religious defence. It is hard to be 17 and see your friend be killed due to religious misunderstanding. It was hard being kidnapped and abused when I was 13. It was harsh being wrongly accused of trafficking drugs. I lost my grandpa in front of me when I was 4 whose last words were my name. I could not fulfill my grandma's last wish of being able to see me. Coming from a wealthy family meant I was blessed to have no financial constraints. However, the choices I made made me reexamine my life and question it. But, now, I believe and so I know that there is always a way back. I am blessed as a man who recognizes his weaknesses and is ready to change with the help of his strong companions in life. I believe in the Plan of Salvation and so I know I will meet my grandparents and friends. I used to drown my sorrows within myself using caffeine, liqour and nicotine. Now, I save money on Worldly distractions, and lean on the Gospel that helps me straighten my thoughts and counsels me to become a better Latter-Day Saint.

How I live my faith

My life begins everyday. I believe that life can be understood and enjoyed whilst living. I take unfortunate incidents as experiences and learn from them. I believe in the power of prayer, as this is one time when no matter we're standing/sitting/lying down, our soul is on its knees. I see positivty in everything so that I can appreciate Heavenly Father and his righteous intentions for me. This World tends to send dark clouds over us. But, I remind myself and others that to see the rainbow, we ought to cope up with the dark clouds, the thunder, the lightning and the rain. I identify the gifts Heavenly Father has bestowed onto me, and make use of them in my services. I believe in the power of fasting, as it has blessed me in abundance. I believe in blessings provided you keep your eyes open and are willing to see the light in your life and have no unreal expectations. I believe in the rightful Law of Tithing. I believe in the Power of the Priesthood as blessings that I have received from worthy LDS Priesthood Holders have soothed me during my trials and periods of tribulation. I indulge in scripture studies, listening to hymns, performing Temple ordinances, fellowship with the Missionaries to assist in spreading the right Word, abide by the Word of Wisdom, attend Church by making sure that I have been an ideal LDS throughout my week and not just during the weekend, and by keeping the Sabbath day Holy by keeping away that which is Worldly. The Church offers so many opportunities to exercise our faith and practicing what has been learnt through the scriptures. Several Service Projects for members are brought forward to indulge in serving the community regardless of them being members OR not. There are 90 minute Scripture Study Classes called the Institute held once a week to come to a better understanding of the Gospel. In my opinion, Heavenly Father does not ask us to be different. He just asks to be good. In today's World, being good is being different enough.

What is faith?

The following answer comes from a man who once referred to faith as a misguided weapon. Faith is to believe exceeding beyond the power of reason to believe. To the one who has no faith, no explaination is possible. But, for the one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. Show more Show less

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

I believe we can come to know of him by asking. Don't ask, don't get. Read the scriptures diligently. Live them sincerely. Listen to the Testimonies of others on Fast Sundays and the ones who form the General Authority openly. And, then, pray about it patiently and humbly. Then, you'll know. I am going to add that personal reveleation can take time. It depends upon individuals. If it takes less time, be grateful. If it takes longer time, be patient. You'll know when it is the right time to know. Show more Show less