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Hi I'm Eli

I'm fifth generation Australian, on all sides of my family. I'm a high school maths teacher, bit of a geek and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

A little while ago, just before my 30th birthday, I decided, 'Hey, I'm a High School Maths teacher, that's probably as nerdy as you can get, I don't need to worry about what people think about me' so I decided to embrace that side of me. I got a calculator watch and havn't looked back. I am into LOTR, HP and all those fantasy/sci fi books. I'm that friend you have that always reads the rule book before you play a game, just so he can understand it best and win. I love playing computer games, although lately as a dad I have realised I don't have as much time to do that as I did before. I play dungeons and dragons each Thursday night with some friends, it's not what you think, its way more fun, and no we don't dress up. I'm married, and we have a little boy. I didn't know that having a kid would be so hard, stressful, tiring and just plain awesome.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are both Mormons, Dad joined the church as a young adult, and my mum's mum joined with her two sisters. Raised as a Mormon I feel that I have been given this wonderful gift, I understanding of who I am, and an understanding of God. I slowly grew in my own understanding of the gospel, and in my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through prayer, study and my own spiritual experiences, I have a firm belief in God, Jesus Christ and the purpose of life. Everything I learn about the world, science and in general, confirms my belief in a loving and wise heavenly father.

How I live my faith

Through my life in the church I have had alot of different opportunities to learn and grow and follow the example of Jesus. I have taught sunday classes to children, teenagers and adults, I have helped organise the youth group (once a week activity and holiday camps) and am currently working to assist the full-time missionaries in our ward. I have found that without these opportunities to serve I would probably just stay in the background, but these opportunties have really helped me grow, learn and show charity to others. I try and live my faith in all that I do, and one way I do that is by letting people around me know that I am a Mormon. Even as a teacher I have taken small moments to stand up for my beliefs. Students are shocked to hear that I have never, ever, no not even at weddings or when watching the State of Origin, have had a drink of alcohol. Same with smoking. Being a Mormon for me equals being a good citizen, (obeying, honoring and sustaining the law, even if you don't think the cops are around and will catch you), being a good father and husband, and being a good member of the community. I really believe that, if everyone followed the principles of the gospel, the world would be a better place!

What is being a Mormon like?

I like commandments. It comes from my belief that God is perfect, loves us and communicates with us. Because of this belief in God, I trust that the commandments we have are his way of giving us directions, and showing us to be happy. So to me, being a Mormon is like having the manual on life. I can know what to do in this life, what I should focus my time on, and how to be happy. Of course we make mistakes, but whatever happens, I know that I can try again. I can enjoy everygood thing in modern Australian life, and have God's directions helping me to avoid the bad. I can honestly say that following God's commandments have helped me to have a happy, healthy and honest life. Show more Show less