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Hi I'm Micah

I have a wonderfull family, Im from Idaho, I love the out doors, and im a Mormon.

About Me

I am Micah I have three brothers and a wonderfull mom and dad who have taught me so much through out my life. I love the outdoors I emjoy mountain climbing, biking, running, and i love swimming, so pretty much i love any sport that has to do with being outside. I also enjoy the studdy of plants and earbs and i love learning about anatomy. Im a vary happy person or at least i try to be. People have often times asked me how or why im so happy, and you know something i came to realize my junior year of high school is if you go toward anything with a posative attitude and a smile everything will work out. Right now Im serving a mission in an amazing land called Nebraska where corn growes everywhere. Ive learnd so much being a missionary here. I love the people of Nebraska even though some of them dont realy like us from lise that theyve heard about the church, however the lord tells us to still love them so I really do.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because i knew that it was the true church and i was being baptized by one who held the proper priesthood authority of god and that was my wonderfull father. By doing this i was pleasing my Heavenly Father who is the greatest person i know. The mormon church is unlike any other church here upon this earth, why is that, well because in the church we have so much more doctrine than just the bible and god has said he will continue to give us revalation and in this church your always recieving new revalation from Heavenly Father. I know that Jesus is the head of this great church and under him he has called a prophett with 12 apostels, and as ive done reserch through out the bible god talks about what the true church will be, and if you look at the church its just like how it was explayned in the bible. I love being a Mormon its such an incredible church and its so easy going and i know that these things are true, i know that there is a prophet on the earth again in these latter days, and i prommise as you studdy these things you will gain an ansewr from your Heavenly Father that this church is true.

How I live my faith

Some ways that i live my faith. Well for starters i love my Heavenly Father and i talk to him every night and morning through prayer. I also love my older brother who is Jeseus Christ the son of God and my savior and im thankfull for everything that he has done for me, because of him i can be forgiven of any sins i incounter and i can return to my Heavenly Father. Also as a member i enjoy going to Gods temples almost once a month. keeping all of the comandments is also a big part of my faith because God has asked us to do this and i try my hardest to do as my father asks of me. I also read the scriptures every day, the Bible and even the Book of Mormon which is another testament of jesus christ and it takes place during the time of ancient amerrica, trust me the this book is incredible and if you are reading it ask your Heavenly Father some time if its true and youl recieve an incredible ansewr i pormise if you have faith. Then you know i also just love to help people and teach them about Jesus Christs true church once again established here upon the earth preporatory to the second coming.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

In the church members are asked to give 10 of there income to the lord to help build up his kingdom here upon the earth today. Tithes go toward constructing new buildings such as Temples, and Church buildings. It also gose to helping those in need. when we pay ower tithing the lord will open the windows of heaven and pour dowen blessings that there wont be room enough to recieve them, as it sais in Malachi 38-10. This is the lords law for the financing of his work and i know that when you pay your tithing you will be blessed Ive seen it in my owen life and in my familys life. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

A lot of people wonder do Mormons only help Mormons, absolutly not the members of the church are comanded to help anybody in need. Look at how much the church has helped the people in lands that have been destroyed by naturral disasters. I once heard a man talking about the Mormon Church and he used to never talk too Mormons but his home was destroyed by a hurricane and the largest groupe of people that helped him was infact members of the Church of Jesos Christ of Latter Day St. or in other words the Mormon Church, and today he sayed i will never talk badly about that great church again because of how much they have done for me and my family during those hard times. This church has helped hundreds of millions of people through out the world and it can help you physically and spirtually. Show more Show less

Why did your church previously practice plural marriage (polygamy)?

This is something that i used to wonder about a lot as well. At certain times through out history god commanded his prophets to practice plural mariage for example Abarham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses in the Bible were all comanded to have multiple wives. when people think about Mormons and plural marriage they usualy think about Brigham Young, he did have sevrall wives as did a few other early saints and these men were challenged by the comand but they did obey. church leaders regulated the practice, those enturring into plural mariage had to be authorized to do so. Then in 1890 President Wilford Woodruff the 4th president of the church recieved a revelation that the leaders of the Church should ceace teaching the practice of plural marriage. So today plural marriage is band in this Church. You now might know a little bit more about why the early saints sometime practiced polygamy, and you now know that in this church polygamy is prohibited. Show more Show less