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Hi I'm Michelle

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a young woman in my twenties. I am married and finishing up studying nutrition in college. I love food, and love to eat it even more. If I had to eat the same thing every day for the rest of my life, it would be a combo pizza. I love to learn, but sometimes find it hard to have motivation to work as hard as I can. Any information about the GI tract or poop doesn't faze me, all of anatomy and physiology is fascinating to me. I struggle with how I see myself, like many women feel larger than I would like to be. However I know that my body is given to me by a loving Heavenly Father and I do not want to harm myself to achieve a worldly impossible ideal. I have lots of feet problems so can't run, but love to bike. I am currently learning how to mountain bike correctly. I recently went for a steep downhill grade without learning how to brake downhill, which resulted in a messy spill. My mother is mentally ill, and is an undiagnosed bipolar, with diagnosed depression. Because of this I am scared of any type of conflict, but my understanding husband is helps me to understand how to navigate problems in a healthy way. I like riding dirt bikes, and learning about engines. This is something I inherited from my brothers.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a family that had been LDS all of our lives. I have seen girls I grew up with since I was little brush off some of the smaller rules and teachings of the gospel and as a result have had very difficult and sad lives. Although I didn't know why at first it was important to follow the rules, I obeyed my parents. As I became older and saw the consequences of some of my actions, it was clear how important it was to do the little things that were so easy to shirk. I was good friends with a boy when I was younger. We got along well, although I knew that he did not have the same religious views as I did. One day he came up to me said, "Are you mormon?" I responded "yes" "Do you believe in Christ?" I responded "yes" "Do you believe Joseph Smith was a prophet?" I responded "yes" "Then you can't be mormon". He proceeded to tell me "about" our church. He made up lies that were told to him by his minister, all grossly inaccurate facts. I was very angry, because he had blatantly attacked something so dear and close to my heart. I mistakenly took it personally and verbalized my anger. I should not have yelled, but it was the first time that I really stood up for the LDS church. I realized then that I love my faith. I love that I know my Heavenly Father wants the best for me, and is a real tangible being. I love that I know with all my heart that this is true. I love that I know my Savior suffered and died so that I can return to my him, and my Heavenly Father. I love that he has provided a way for my husband and I to be together forever. I love that he has faith enough in me to bless me with trials. He has faith that I can conquer my stumbling blocks, and knows I can. My testimony came in small revelations and feelings over many years. I feel warm and peaceful when I ponder on these things, and know that my Heavenly Father loves me. When I am overcome by fear, or doubt about the future I drop to my knees and I feel him with me.

How I live my faith

To live my faith, I must not be overcome by fear. Although this is a struggle for me personally, I know that I can succeed. My husband are moving soon, and will be moving to a new community. Although we will not be with our friends, and people that we know; the church is still the same wherever we move. In other churches, a move can mean a complete change of religious association. The minister does not hold the same type of meeting or sermons as another. In the church, it is all the same. Down to the exact detail of the organization-we know we will have a support group as soon as we arrive. Quite literally, while my husband was out visiting where we are going to move, he attended church. Not only was he offered a ride, but he was invited over for dinner with the family that drove him to church. Within minutes of attending the church meeting, the president of the men's association was asking details of where and when we would be moving in. He volunteered 20-30 men to help us move in months before we moved! This is what this church is about. Caring for your fellow man. No matter what you need or when, Christ knows and wants those needs to be met. We as members of his church try very hard to do as he would if he were here beside you today. Christ has given us talents, abilities, and knowledge to help each other. A friend I was assigned to look after in the church is pregnant. She is blonde with a big belly and can't stop smiling. Although she was concerned about what she should eat, and what would help her baby develop. I know nutrition, and helped her understand rumors she had heard, and give her the information that was important and scientifically sound. Because of my knowledge, I have helped her to be healthier and help her baby. I want to help others, and when I move I want to become involved with the homeless community, and see what nutrition information I can help them with, and volunteer my time to help those less fortunate.

What is the Law of Chastity?

The Law of Chastity is to not have sexual intercourse with another person unless you are married, and as a husband and wife to only have sexual intercourse with each other. In the right place at the right time, sex is beautiful and wonderful. But in the wrong place and in the wrong time it can lead to sadness and despair. I have seen this first hand with personal friends, and it will not make you happy. This decision is very tough, but 150 worth it. I saved myself for my husband, and he saved himself for me. I am so grateful that we did so we could share that moment together. Show more Show less