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Hi I'm Brad

I'm a husband, a father, a physical therapist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband and father of two boys who keep me active and on my toes. I enjoy skiing, kite flying, outdoor activities, traveling, and spending time having fun with family and friends. I enjoy going to great amusement parks and riding the coasters as a family. I also enjoy visiting historical sites and learning about the past events that happened there. I graduated from Weber State College and the University of Oklahoma in Physical Therapy. I currently work in the home health field and enjoy helping people on an individual basis recover from a variety of physical ailments. I am married to a sweet wife who loves me and cares for me. We have been blessed with a wonderful life that allows us to grow and learn together. We have been blessed with 2 boys that make me better for living with them and learning from them. Fatherhood is no easy task but with the Gospel and its teachings, it makes things much better. Knowing that I am here to help them return to our Heavenly Father, makes me want to be a better father and be a better example to them. Life is not easy but I have come to know that with the Lord on my side, I can do what is expected of me because He is there to help me. He knows my weaknesses and strengths and can make me a better person if I allow Him to lead me. Knowing that there is always someone willing to help me brings comfort during challenging times and helps me to move past the dark difficulties and see the sunlight in the distance.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family that is LDS (Mormon). I continue to worship and believe in the teachings of the Church because of the feelings I have felt as I have studied and applied the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have come to know Him on a more personal level and know that He is my Savior and Redeemer. As I grow older, I come to rely more on my Savior, for I know my salvation is dependent upon Him and the atonement he performed. I have had opportunities in my life to share this knowledge with others. I served a mission to the Northern part of Brazil. This was a life changing experience for me because I needed to really know that what I was teaching was indeed the truth. I was able to meet many people who I still remember with fondness. I was able to come to know for myself, independent of any other person, that Jesus is the Christ, that He did live on the earth and is the Only Begotten Son of the Father, that he did atone for all mankind, including me, and that it is, in fact, a very personal reality, that He was resurrected and lives today as a glorified being. I know that He cares for each and every person, that He knows us personally and intimately and knows the trials and challenges each of us face. I know He can help me because of all He went through in His life, that He knows how we feel, that He wants us to have joy, and that by following His teachings, we will experience happiness and joy, even with all that is bad in the world. I know that the Lord speaks through prophets. The Bible contains those words and their teachings that they received from the Lord. I know that our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, love us today as much as They loved Their children thousands of years ago. For that, and other very personal reasons, I know that He speaks to Prophets today and we can hear their words. They want us to know Them, and we can through the prophets, scriptures, and our own personal prayers by the power of the Holy Ghost.

How I live my faith

I live my faith every day by the type of person I strive to be. I try to live as Christ would want me to live: by following the commandments to the best of my ability, to be kind to others, to pray daily and often, to keep the Sabbath Day holy and worship Him on that sacred day and try to live what I learn each day, studying the scriptures and apply them, and have a family night each week where we spend time just as a family in learning and having fun without any outside distractions. I currently serve in a position where I work with others to help those in need, teach gospel lessons, and assist in a variety of areas that help others come unto Christ. It is very rewarding to see people look out for the welfare of those in need and step up and assist, when they themselves may be in need also. I have had many positions in the Church that have helped me grow into the person that I am today. I have learned from each one and have enjoyed the friendships that have come from them. I am blessed to live in an area surrounded by good people who strive to live the teachings of Jesus Christ and set examples for me and my family.This makes me a better person and helps me to strive to do better myself. Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly blesses my life and I am a better person because of it. It has made me stretch and overcome challenges that we all have. I have learned that the atonement should be central to our life as it can bless us in all areas of our life. As I have applied th atonement in my life, I have felt the sweet, loving care of the Savior lead me in the right direction and help me overcome things that I could not have on my own. He wants us to live with Him again and will do all He can to assist us, if we follow Him and do His will. He was and is the perfect example for us to follow and as I do this in my own life, I feel the promptings of the Spirit leading me in truth and increasing my understanding of His teachings and the type of life I should live.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Mormons are not required to serve missions. This is a voluntary service for people of this Church to perform, should they choose. Each person who serves a mission does so at their own expense. The financial costs to serve a mission are far outweighed by the spiritual blessings and personal growth that come through this service. I personally grew up during my mission, meeting with the people in Brasil who helped to forever change me into the person I am now. The time I lived there and worked with the people teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ brought me closer to my Savior and I came to know Him more than I had previously in my life. I currently have a son serving a mission and the growth I have seen in him is amazing. Having him gone for 2 years is a sacrifice and, yes I miss him, but I know that he is helping others as well as himself. Were he forced to go on a mission, he would not be experiencing the joy he is now and the growth he has experienced because this was his own choice, one not forced upon him. He has learned to care for others, serve others in need, and become a better person by following the example of Jesus Christ, who was always about doing good to others. I am thankful for the missionary program that truly blesses all involved, whether they are teaching, or are being taught true principles about the Lord and Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. Show more Show less