Mike: Mormon.

Hi I'm Mike

About Me

I am a father of 3 young girls and married to the love of my life. I enjoy Road and Mountain biking and occasionally I like to skateboard. I love to exercise with my wife and swim at the pool with the kids.

Why I am a Mormon

My wife and I got married civilly and we started thinking about having kids. My wife is LDS but I wanted nothing to do with it. I told the missionaries that I would only learn from the Bible and that is how they proceeded. They then challenged me to read and pray about the Book of Mormon as well. I started to do that and eventually after two years decided to experiment upon His word by being baptized. This was in 97 and my testimony has been a growing seed ever since. My new found faith has helped me through some very hard times and I am grateful for a patient wife and missionaries. That is the short story. We are now sealed in the temple and married for eternity.

Personal Stories

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

My faith in Jesus Christ has blessed me in so many ways. I have gone through some very hard times and if it was not for my faith I am not sure how I would have made it through it. The Gospel has kept me grounded and has given me hope and a solid foundation to set my beliefs on. When things get tough I realize that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me, understands me and is someone I can talk to. I have accepted the atonement in my life and strive to live worthy of the whisperings of the spirit. Because of my faith my family and I have daily scripture study, prayer and go to church every Sunday. I am the first member in my family to be a Mormon and I am grateful for patient missionaries and an understanding wife that stuck with me for 2 years while I investigated the church and came to realize the truthfulness of the gospel. I am so glad for the modern day revelation that keeps me on the straight and narrow path. I look forward to Our Churches General Conference addresses on BYU TV every spring and fall. We are blessed to have a Prophet on the earth today.

How I live my faith

My family and I go to church every Sunday. I am an assistant clerk in our church and hometeach 2 families. I love home teaching and love being home taught. It brings the spirit to our home and I hope that I can do the same for the families I teach. I have had a number of callings with the church over my time as a member and it has taught me a number of skills I didn't know that I had.