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Hi I'm Joseph Kimball Jensen

And I want to help people to learn to live outside the box.

About Me

A small summary of my existence up to this point would be best described while walking around in the mountains and making new trails or sitting next to the ocean for a few hours. I don't believe in favorites or boredom. I am extremely interested in cultural things and have a strong passion to travel the world especially to be able to experience all the many different traditions and types of food! I love learning, colors, music, baking, camping, being silly, being serious, praying, reading, photography, all types of art, talking, listening, dancing, flying kites, going to concerts/plays, and being old fashioned. I am very much interested in adoption and in finding ways that I can support in humanitarian efforts. I love puzzles. I was raised with a strong discipline of working hard and being the best version of myself that I can be and as such I can be competitive, but mostly I try to only compete with myself. I believe strongly in being open-minded and not limiting myself; to me this means to do all that I can to reach what I feel is my potential.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church and as a child I always loved to attend church. It was truly the only place I fit in; I didn't have friends at school, I was saddened by the divorce of my parents and I only felt truly comfortable at church and being involved in sports and choir. At home it became increasingly difficult to communicate and to express my feelings for fear of offending either of my parents. It was a difficult situation to overcome and even after years of learning how this circumstance operates I have still struggled with the emotional effects. As I became older my brothers and sisters stopped attending church and it was increasingly difficult to stay strong but I remained faithful in the church until I was 17 years old, two weeks before my senior year was to start, and I had heart surgery for a condition called W.P.W. This point of my life in connection with other questions at the time caused me to reflect greatly on my whole existence. I was uncertain about my faith and about the choices I had made in my youth. "Was I really doing what was right? Is this really the true church on the earth?" I wondered. The test of the next 4 years of my life became to be the true character building challenges that have transformed me into the person that I am today and ultimately what led me to know, beyond all doubts, past all misunderstandings, through all persecution, that with every fiber of my being, every ounce of my essence I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is truly the true church of Jesus Christ and that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of our God. It was simply the power of prayer that I came to grasp a more full understanding of his plan for me. I know why I'm alive, I know why I breathe. My Savior has graciously brought me back to his fold and rescued me and It is the purpose why I am serving my Savior on a mission as all great prophets of old to rescue my brothers and sisters. Still just me-trying to become a better version.

How I live my faith

When I wake up every morning, I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me that day. I know that by trying to be a better example of my Savior that I can try to help others feel the love that He has for them. I strive to do this by seeing everyone the way that He sees them, through His eyes. I strive to listen to others the way that He would listen, with His ears. Being an optimist, I believe that attitude can accomplish accolades and abandon anathemas. I have experience and resolve that has shown that all it truly takes to make others happy is the simplest things in the world, that true happiness comes from knowing that someone loves you and cares about you. Knowing that Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbor as ourselves is the attitude I strive towards every day, knowing that each day is a gift and a blessing and that it is all we can do to do all we can do. This is why I am currently serving a mission, to LIVE my faith and not just believe it.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Joseph Kimball Jensen
Awareness, Existence, Enlightenment, Discovery, Worth - there are many different words that in my opinion are synonymous and definitive of the word "Purpose." In learning of the Plan of Salvation also called the Plan of Mercy, the Plan of Happiness, the Plan of Redemption, the Plan of Eternal Life, I have acquired a greater amount of knowledge and identity than through any other means. My studies have given me to know of many of the different "religions" and "beliefs" in the world and have led me to ask the same question than many have asked throughout the sands of time - is there only one way to return to God's presence? are there not other intelligent and spiritual methods whereby we as brothers and sisters of the human race can receive a greater life after one of weakness, of sickness, of illness, of sadness, of suffering. My desire to develop a greater understanding of why I get out of bed every day led me to an eventual fork in the road where I knew that Good and Evil was very real. I spent much time diligently searching many ancient records scriptures, in faith, believing that they would have the wisdom I sought. Through application and trust in God I have come to truly know in a very real way that the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ is the truth. It is the source of revelation. Although a simple phrase, it contains such depth of understanding as I have never before gained any other way. I know the purpose of life is to be happy, to prepare for a better life. Show more Show less