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Hi I'm Jonathan

I'm an Actor, I'm a Singer, I'm a Writer, I'm a Missionary, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love all forms of art. Expressing myself through words or movement, through thing like dance and writing are some of my joys. I love to be able to comunicate in multiple ways and I am truly grateful to be able to serve a mission. As a missionary I am learning to comunicate with people better and I truly care about their needs. The restored gospel of jesus christ is something that can apply to everyone and help them with their problems. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I just want to lay their and go back to sleep but what gets me up each morning, and helps me prepare for the day, is the fact that I am dedicating these next two years to serve god. I am here to invite others to come unto christ and follow his example. I have a great love for the church and for all the people whom I am given the opertunity to serve. I can honestly say there is no other place I would rather be.

Why I am a Mormon

I have had the oppertunity of growing up in the church, but i didn't always know it was true. My testimony was grown line upon line precept upon precept to grow to the height it is at now; and I know that their is still much growing to be done. I know this church is true because the holy spirit burned in my heart when I fell to my knees in prayer, asking for confirmation. I am a member of this church because Heavenly father answers prayers, and he answerd mine. Our spirits were literaly begotten by heavenly father and he wants us to make it back. That is why I am a member of the church because I can make it back to heavenly father, that I can be to my family for eternity. I can have an eternal marriage by following gods commandments, and I look forward to the fact that I can love my future wife forever and it wont be "till death do you part". I can't say every reason I'm a mormon, there are simply to many. What I can say is that I know that this gospel is relevant to everyone, from the homless to the rich, from the sick to the whole, to the child and the parent. I know that my savior lives.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being an example of faith. If I didn't have faith there is absolutely no way that I could be out here on my mission. This has been the greatest trail and testament of my faith I have ever experienced. Please don't misunderstand about the trial to my faith; when I say trial I mean how far I am willing to go for heavenly father. My answer is that I will serve with all my might, mind, and strength to bring others unto christ.

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

Through the restoration of the gospel in the 1800's god has returned his church and his authority to the earth after a time of apostasy. We are blessed in this day to be led by a prophet of god, a man who not only holds the preisthood keys and authority to administer to the church, but has a great love for the people of the entire earth. I speak of Thomas S. Monson the president of the church of jesus christ of Laterday saints. I have had the chance to be near him as he talked to the those who attended the temple youth celebration in Langley british columbia canada, shortly before the temple there was dedicated. The holy spirit is conveyed through his words, as is his love for those to whom he directs his words. I testify that the lord is the same yesterday, today and forever; that he remains to this day a god of miricles and a father who loves and wants to comunicate to his children. This is the purpose of general conference. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Following the death of christ the apostles tought the word of god to men. They would preach to the people the word of god, but the more it was told to the people the more the stories changed. Imagine a game of telephone thousands of people long. While the apostles lived they would go around correcting errors that developed as the word was told. When the apostles were killed the authority of the church to act in gods name was taken away as they had not passed on that authority. There was also no one to administer to the corrupted doctrine. By the time that someone was able to compile a record of the truths of the gospel many important truths had been lost. The church was ruled by councils of men, and not the precepts of god. As many truths had been lost and changed there was much confusion in the church, and there was no one with the authority to administer to the needs of gods church. Thus it was neccesary that the authority be restored, as well as many plain and precius truths. The book of mormon is a compilation of the records of a people who witnessed of the savior on the american continent. It testifies of many of the truths that were lost and many that were not. It is a second testament of jesus christ as our savior. Show more Show less

What is the Church’s position on abortion?

God has given the gift of creating mortal bodies for his children to us who are on the earth. He loves us enough to entrust us with his children, and when we choose to miss use that gift then what are we telling him about its value to us? God has counseled his children for generations on the necessity of the family and the role each member plays in it so unless the life of the mother is in danger or the circumstances where caused by the forced actions of another he has made his stance very clear. Sexual sin is a serious transgression and the powers of procreation are to be used in the bounds the lord has set. The official statement of the church is below. “The Church opposes abortion and counsels its members not to submit to or perform an abortion except in the rare cases where, in the opinion of competent medical counsel, the life or good health of the mother is seriously endangered or where the pregnancy was caused by rape and produces serious emotional trauma in the mother. Even then it should be done only after counseling with the local presiding priesthood authority and after receiving divine confirmation through prayer.” Show more Show less