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Hi I'm Young Tai

I'm a student, a learner, an older brother, and I like to fiddle around on the violin.

About Me

I was born and raised in the US. My parents were both the first in their families to learn about Christ, to become members of the church and to come to America. I have one younger sister and three younger brothers. Like most children, my interests were phases of dinosaurs, trains, cars, airplanes, etc... and somehow I got into skateboarding in high school. That was fun. I began studying the violin at age 11 and really wish I practiced more. I also spent a fair share of time drawing, painting, and working with clay. I went to school for a year without any real aim or purpose. I've learned recently how important it is to have goals and desires and to then have the confidence and faith to accomplish those things.

Why I am a Mormon

I followed the example and teachings of my parents--I went to church with them, prayed with them, studied with them, etc... I have also had many good friends and other family who have all taught me through words and action what the gospel of Christ is and what it means to strive to follow Him. I was generally a "good boy" and lived by the things I had learned. Halfway through High School I was struggling (like most teens) to keep one standard, to know who I was and to live an upright life. I drifted between different social groups and always felt somewhat out of place. After some trouble I was "encouraged" by my Mother to get a part time job, which took up most of the "free time" and helped me to change my circle of friends. I went to University with the attitude that the people there were.. let's say not my style. But I was blessed to have 8 of the greatest roommates ever while I was there for a year. As the age to prepare to serve a mission came and passed I could sense that my parents were concerned about me spiritually. Honestly, I didn't consider religion and God too seriously. I knew the teachings (I thought I did) and the "right answers" but I had never sincerely desired obtaining for myself a knowledge of the truth. Through the example and love of roommates, friends and family I have come to know myself that The Book of Mormon and that the teachings I had grown up with were true. All it really took was action. Just doing, moving, studying, experiencing. We can think and reason in our minds all we want but if we don't get up and start living nothing happens. I know that God is our Father and that he wants us to succeed and find joy. I know that God works through His chosen servants and through each of us to do His work. All we need to do is be willing and we can be perfected in Christ. He is our living Savior and leads this church today.

How I live my faith

I served the people of Southern California as a full-time missionary. If you want to know what missionaries do look it up on the "Visit Us" tab! They are friendly and wonderful! I have participated in service for neighbors and the community with other youth. One thing that sticks out in my mind is a Christmas when we "subbed for Santa." The joy of the children and the grateful faces of their parents brought me so much joy. I do my best to share uplifting music with my neighbors and friends through the violin. I strive to follow the teachings in the scriptures and to help other people be comfortable and happy. I do my best to keep my body and mind clean and healthy, to be an influence for good and to love everyone. We can read all of the beautiful teachings and doctrines of Christ's gospel but we will never truly understand it until we act.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Young Tai
The Book of Mormon was not written by Joseph Smith, or anyone from his time. It is a compilation of records made by many ancient prophets and people who knew about and believed in Christ as the Savior. These ancient people lived in the Americas and recorded their history and the dealings of God with them. The teachings of many great prophets were also recorded. The chief compiler of these ancient records was a man named Mormon who lived nearly 2000 years ago. His son, Moroni, finished the record and buried it as directed by the Lord. In the early 1800s, a young man named Joseph Smith was led and directed by God to find and - through the power and gift of God - to translate this ancient record as another witness of Jesus Christ and his divinity. You can know for yourself that this book really is what it claims to be. Put it to the test by reading it and sincerely pondering and praying about the teachings it contains. Show more Show less