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Hi I'm Cherstin

I'm a wife. I'm a Mother. I'm an artist. I'm a farmer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the mother of four adorable little girls and the wife of an amazing man. Everywhere I go everyone always says "Four girls...looks like you've got your hands full!" And yes life is busy, but it is wonderful: we educate our children at home and so everyday I get to learn amazing things along with my girls (did you know that a hummingbird can fly backwards and upside down?). We eat homemade whole grain bread from a recipe we invented (it is just about perfect now and the bread is amazingly soft and tasty, but we ate a lot of whole grain bricks in our quest for the perfect recipe). I am an artist and did that professionally until my marriage--now I am a professional mother and I get to do more art instruction than production. We are currently preparing to move to a self-reliant family farm: gaining as much of the knowledge and information as we can (symbiotic natural systems, permaculture, highland cows, compressed earth block construction, resource management, holistic health and wellness, etc.), practicing everything we can (large garden, greenhouses, composting, vermiculture, grain raising/harvest, chickens, homemade bread, yogurt, kefir, nutella, tortillas, pizza, etc.). It has been quite the ride, but we are so excited to spend life living rather than working and being entertained. Life is good!

Why I am a Mormon

Faith is, fundamentally, a choice. I was born a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My ancestors came across the plains to Utah with the pioneers and helped settle Utah's desert south. But the gospel is funny because there comes a time when heritage just doesn't cut it and you have to decide if the faith of your fathers is your faith too. My time came after I had graduated from college and really had to determine if I believed everything I'd professed to believe for years, not because my family always went to church or because it was the custom at the University, but because I believed and could hold that belief on my own. I decided that the gospel of Jesus Christ is what I want. I want an eternal family. I want to be a daughter of God. I want to be on God's team. The funny thing about choice is that once you choose, you're right. If you choose a life of misery and darkness, it becomes reality. But if you choose to believe in a loving Heavenly Father, that you are His child, and that His vision of what you can become is more wonderful and powerful than anything you can possibly imagine...reality is amazing! I am grateful for my choice, and that I know now for myself that there is a God, that I am His daughter, and that I am on the path home to Him.

How I live my faith

I have had the privilege of serving in just about every organization in the church, and I have learned incredible things in each calling. I think my biggest learnings came when I changed from working with the women's organization for years and was called to work in the nursery with 18 mos-3 year old children.At the time I had one baby, and I thought "what in the world were they thinking putting a novice in here?" But that call started a stint of several years teaching the children: first in nursery, then the nine-year olds, then the four-year olds. I even got to teach my own little baby when she stopped being a baby. I learned so much from those innocent children, and I am grateful that the Lord knows me and my needs much better than I know them myself. I currently get to work with the ten and eleven year-old girls twice a month as they prepare to leave the children's organization for the youth group. I also get to work with my husband as building schedulers where in we are responsible for scheduling events and meetings in one of our church buildings: a fascinating and much more complicated job than I ever thought it could be.