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Hi I'm Chad Campbell

My name is Chad, I'm a Californian, I love sports and the outdoors, and Im a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Chad Campbell, I came from a family of a Father and Mother, and 4 brothers, and the family is only getting bigger. I was raised in Califronia and am currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-Day Saints. I love sports, football especially, sometimes i think its unhealthy. I am accident prone, and I enjoy the opportunites to grow and gain knowledge. I love big trucks, and fast cars. To me family is everything, even if we are all just sittin around and talking, just simply being together makes me happy. I love to sing and to act and to play golf. I like to rough-house with my brothers, and just keep everything on the up-beat.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon for several reasons, I have been a Mormon my whole life, born and raised in a fully active Mormon family, I was taught the simple, but solid principles the Church instates. My whole life I felt like I knew it was true, but didn't know for myself. Things have happend in my life, specificly in my teenage years that I would say define, why "I'm a Mormon" in a short span of time, I lost my uncle in a motorcyle accident and my cousin to a long battle of cancer. At this point I was entering into my senior year of high school, and i wanted to know why, why those people were taken from this life, and where they were at, through prayer, and comformation of the Holy Ghost, I learned a lesson I will never forget, I don't need to know everything that God does, as long as my faith is in him, and my savior, and continually show that, I must trust that the rest will be taken care of. That being my first real prime example of how I came to know.Once I truley learned for myself that my Heavenly Father was there for me and never left, even when it seemed as if I had left him, He had his arms wide open for me. Embarking in the service of the Lord i have recently discovered true happiness, the ability and opportunity to grow has truley started to shape who i am. Being a Dedicated servent, is the only way i feel i can repay my Heavenly Father, my Savior, and my family for thier self-less sacrifices. I know without a doubt that a way is provided for each and every one of us through faith. He will always lead and guide us to where we need to be. No matter the difficulty or trial, if we are willing to recognize his will in all things, we will sky rocket in our personal testimony. I know that this gospel is true, without a doubt. Simply put I'm a Mormon because of the love Jesus offers me, the plan of our Father is real, and it's the easiest way to truley be happy.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in many outward expressions and many inward expressions. I have always been active in the church community. From service projects, to serving in different quorum presidencies throughout my time as a Deacon, Teacher, and Priest. I have also assisted my wards bishopric as the assistant secretary making sure appointments were schedualed and reminded of thier appointments. I have served as a hometeacher, i have recieved my Duty to God award, and Eagle scout, Showing others, that self-less service is where we can truley be happy. My biggest outward expressioin of faith is seving as a servant and instrument to my Heavenly Father, and my savior Jesus Christ. And all the people within my mission area, learning spanish to reach out to those who need and want to change thier lives and find true eternal happiness. I live my faith inward by always striving to remember what my savior did for me, the pain he felt for me, my sins that he shed his blood for, always trying to become better and more like him, and a better example to the believers. I live my faith by always striving to remain a worthy priesthood holder, and doing my part, to make sure i can be with my family forever.

What is faith?

Chad Campbell
For me, Faith is the easiest priniciple. And the easy concept of this religon. To me it is very simple, although we cannot physically see or touch our Heavenly Father or Savior Jesus Christ, or The Holy Ghost who leads us as we live worthy lives, we are promised all throughout the Bible and the Book Of Mormon, that if we have faith, we will recieve blessings, Faith is simply things which are not seen, but hoped for. We all experience things that increase our faith, like when we recieve blessings, we know that it was from God, Faith is NOT a perfect knowledge of things, but something that has the ability to grow constantly and regularly and always. Faith is truley like a seed, you have to plant it, and you have to water it to let it grow, you have to be willing to have the opportunities in life to allow your faith to grow. My faith is one of the biggest parts of me. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Chad Campbell
Down through the ages, we have read and learned all about prophets, for example: Noah, Moses, and Abraham. But ultimately these individuals who lead and guided the people of the Church of Christ, all prophesied of one individual. The Son of God, Jesus Christ. We recognize these men(past prophets) and admire them for thier service to the world. However like we do not worship these men, or any engraven image or idol, we do not worship the man Joseph Smith. We admire him, for what he did, and being an instrument that he was in the Lord's hands, but ultimately, The Holy Bible, and The Book of Mormon, teach and testify of Jesus Christ and our Eternal Father in Heaven. And those are the only two beings that we as Mormons worship. Show more Show less