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Hi I'm Silver

Don't worry I speak Spanglish!, love exploring ,and have the imagination of a 9 year old!..and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I was born in Mexico but my family immigrated to The United States when I was 3 years old. Like many recent immigrants we have had our struggles, yet they have been the glue that kept us united. My parents have thought me well the importance of never giving up and always finding a way to solve a problem. That is probably why I am currently studying Financial Economics (there is always a problem that needs solving, puzzles and mysteries are fun). I know the sacrifices my parents have given so I want to have a career that allows me to give back to my family. I'm the oldest of 3, and as oldest brother paving the road for my siblings has been important. This has lead me to have a spirit of adventure, always wondering what will come next. But I don't just stop to smell the flowers, I rather pull a bunch and take them with me, you never know if you need to give one out along the way. Besides all that I love typical Latin things like dancing, soccer, and cooking deliciosa food!

Why I am a Mormon

I belong to The Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter-Day Saints. Though I have been raised in the church I have never had a doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ came to the American, and that he spoke to a young boy named Joseph Smith. Because I am Hispanic a large amount of family members are Chatolic, and I sure love. The traditions of my fathers have made me culturly rich, but I thank God for the day that the Restored Gospel came to my parents. I know that I come from a long-line of fallowers of Jesus Christ who have always stood behind the banner of the cross, and I will keep fallowing him and his anointed. Jesus Christ speaks trough his living Prophet, and I want to know what He has to say. Soy miembro de La Iglesia De JESUCRISTO De Los Santo De Los-Ultimos-Dias. Aungue you creci en la iglesia nunca eh tenido una duda en mi mente de que Christo vino a las Americas, y que hablo con un joven llamado Jose Smith. Porque soy Hispano una gran maroria de miembros en mi familia son Catolicos, y realmento los amo. Las tradiciones de mis padres me enriquecen culturalmente, pero realmente do gracias a Dios por el dia que el evangelio restaurado vino a mi familia. Se que vengo de un gran liniaje de sigidores de Christo que siempre an estado bajo el estandarte de la crus, y siguire siguendolo y a sus unguidos. JESUCRISTO habla mediante su Profeta viviente, y quiero saber lo que El tiene que decir.

How I live my faith

I have to keep it real, I don't consider myself a religious person. I don't wear a cross or shirts that says Jesus loves you. I simply pray a few times a day, go to church on sundays, read/analyze books of scripture on face-value as well as deeper meanings, listen to Prophets, pay a tenth of my gross income to help build more churches, temples, print books of scripture and increase missionary work.So even though I do that stuff the fact that I visit the temple for enlightenment, give of my time to volunteer during a crisis or donate to a charity, offered two years of my life to serve a proselyting and service mission, fast monthly and offer the value of the food I did not consume as donations for people who are in real need of that food, and the fact that I feel the need to repent a lot simply means I enjoy life to it's fullest. As Doctor Seuss once said "Is fun to have fun, you have to know how", and Jesus teaches me how.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Nope, It is not required. Going on a mission has nothing to do with your own personal salvation, but it is something God has asked us to do. Really it all comes down to if you know the church is true, and if you feel that God wants you to share the blessings you have. Really serving a mission is having great faith and not being selfish, is to voluntarilly go out with-out pay for two years and share the gospel Because you have faith and want to share the blessing that God offers to those that fallow Him. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Well basically the reason why some people would call us a cult is because we are not like them and don't believe as they do. To many people that is scary because they grew-up their whole life told not to drink the Mexican water, and yet people like me who have drank from the water can see that is cleaner than most of the water in the US. It is the fear of not knowing and therefor not understanding. I did not like veggies when I was little, because I imitaded the children on tv and how they disliked veggies; It was not until I grew-up and ate them that I learn of their good taste and health benefits. All it takes for people to understand is to know, for if they don't know than they are simply imitating opinions that cause misunderstanding. Show more Show less