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Hi I'm David

Identity crisis - people call me a Banana, yellow peel, snow white inside, but there is something that I'm sure of - Mormon

About Me

I guess I would be an average Utahn Mormon, that is everything but my appearance, I eat like a Mormon, I talk like a Mormon, I walk like a Mormon, I play piano, guitar, and violin like a Mormon, I like to listen to some soothing voice of Jack Johnson like a Mormon, and I dream like a Mormon. It's curious how I ended up where I am in my life. I was born in Korea, and I had a happy childhood. One of my fondest memories is of a warm summer day when I would go catch dragonflies with my friends on a little field of grass, but little did I know of the financial difficulties that was sweeping the country that would affect me in such a dramatic way. In a whirlwind of weeks, my father had lost his job as an engineer and decided that we needed move to Canada. Back then I thought that Canada was a part of America, and I still think so sometimes... It depends what side of the border I happen to be at at that time. I lived there for a couple of years, and grew to love nature and life. The roots didn't stick though, we moved to Idaho then to Utah. It was a difficult change for me. From sky scrapers and city life to low lying buildings and urban life. It was a good change though. I would never go back to the busy lifestyle that I used to lead. Now I am just a poor college student in Utah. I am hoping to go to Med school to become an orthopedic surgeon so that I can help my mom in the future. She had a rough childhood and has an artificial hip. I want to be able to help her.

Why I am a Mormon

People ask me this question all the time. Why are you a Mormon? Don't you know your church did this this and this? and Don't you know that your church believes in this this and this? Well.... I just tell them that they are number (insert your favorite number here) person that have asked me that question, and here I am still a Mormon... You can call me stubborn, but I am that way for a reason. Here's my story. To go back in time, there was a point when if you asked me to change churches, I would have done it with out a doubt... But at this time, I was sheltered by my parents or I didn't have the oppurtunities to go to other churches. I guess at this point, I was a Mormon by culture. It wasn't until I had to really find out for myself what church is true that I became a Mormon by conversion. Even when I was a Mormon by culture, I knew that God loved me as His child and that He wanted the best for me. I read the Book of Mormon. I prayed and I got my answer. Simple as that. It didn't happen with an heavenly messenger telling me, David, The Book of Mormon is true, but the answer that I recieved was sufficient. No one can say that they are truly converted members of this church with out having some sort of belief in this book. "By their fruits ye shall know them..." I know that if you apply this principle in your life, you will find your answer for yourself.

How I live my faith

It's been about a year since I've been back from my full time missionary service in Anaheim California. In Anaheim, I spent two years spending all of my time helping people come closer to Christ. I miss it so much. There is nothing as good as helping people become better individuals. Now I just go to church every Sunday, try my best to read my scriptures and pray everyday. I wish I could do more... It is really hard to juggle everything around with school, work, and friends. I really should try harder to do more. I feel like there is always something that you can do to become better.