Taeseon, 태선: Korea, Korean, Seoul, Attorney, Student, Asian, Mormon.

Hi I'm Taeseon, 태선

About Me

I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. I am currently studying at Brigham Young University and aiming to be an attorney someday. I am passionate about helping others to be better. I also like doing things that inspire and motivate to use the talents and abilities that are gifted to me. Some of the examples are: singing and photography. They calm me down and help me set aside unnecessary things in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

The fact that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints means a lot to me. Since I was born into an active Mormon family, I was baptized to be an official member of the Church when I was eight; Mormons do not baptize infants, so I had to wait. I am very grateful for the decision that my parents made, or rather, I made (I am sure that they would respect my choice even if I chose not to do so.). I was privileged to be able to see my parents' deeds to follow Christ's examples and they taught us in accordance with it as well. The Spirit confirmed to me that it is the path that I am supposed to walk on. I gained hope and faith that I will be with my family as well as God the Father and Jesus Christ for time and eternity. I know that God the Father lives and knows all of his children better than anyone else. He has restored his church which is the only true church on earth through the prophet Joseph Smith.

Personal Stories

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

One of the greatest blessings that I have as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ is to be numbered as one of the "righteous" people. It could be a difficult question if you ask yourself, "Are you righteous?". Sins that are considered as "opposite of righteousness" are against the commandments that we have been given by our Father in Heaven. You may think that the commandments are differentiated from what you know as "moral values". But to me, my faith in God increases as I make sacrifice to keep the commandments. Our loving Heavenly Father doesn't require of you anything that you can't do. Faith is the power that you need to choose the good over the evil. Your faith will increase if you decide now, at this very moment, to follow the examples of Jesus Christ by choosing the right.

How I live my faith

The center of my faith is in the Atonement of Christ. I believe that that is the only way to overcome the countless weaknesses that I have. I believe that because of the power of the infinite atonement, we may be perfected and be like God as we do our part. How I do my part is observing the commandments of God as much as I can, in accordance with teachings of the prophets and apostles. The commandments include charity, honesty, kindness, reverence (some of them that I consider to be important) as well as The Ten commandments, the law of tithing, and so forth. The Spirit of the Lord always instructs and guides me to look for the righteousness.