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Hi I'm David

I was born & raised in So California, I started 3 businesses since I was 20 and now run several private schools. I'm a Mormon now.

About Me

I'm a 70 year old husband, dad, grandpa and businessman. I love education and have been directing and running private schools for over 35 years. I love watching children grow and become successful individuals. I love to ski, travel the world taking pictures and video of the people and places we see. I have been a private pilot for 50 years now and learned to fly while in high school, working sometimes 2 jobs to pay for my lessons. . I started traveling when I was 18, going to Europe to ski and after my HS graduation I drove a VW Bus to South America to ski. This took 6 months and really hooked my on world travel. I attended college in Calif. for 1 year then went to BYU in Utah not as a Mormon but to ski for the BYU Ski team. I was given the opportunity to run a small ski lodge for a few months while the owners looked for a permanent manager and stayed on for 3 1/2 years, this hooked me on being a businessman. I traveled around the world to ski but meeting people & seeing the world was the best. I came back to Calif and continued my education and started a business in aviation. I eventually sold my business and found my love in education and now run several private schools. When I got involved with the LDS Church I met my wife Stacey and have been happily married for 43 years now and have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. In 2006 we served a 2 year Humanitarian mission in Russia and will leave April 13, 2015 for our next 18 month Mission to Russia again. We are so happy!

Why I am a Mormon

My Mom was an inactive Mormon when she married my dad so we were NOT raised in the LDS church. We went to many non LDS churches as we moved almost every year because of my dads work and would go to the closest church Mom could find. I was baptized a Mormon at 10 by my Grandpa but never attended any Mormon church. l didn't learn about the Mormon church until I was 18 when I met Mormon missionaries while traveling in So. America.. I did not take any lessons but was impressed that they gave up 2 years to teach about the LDS Church. I was introduced to the captain of the BYU Ski team after attending college in Calif for 1 year and was able to enroll at BYU and ski for the BYU Ski team, but I avoided any church activity. After running a Ski Lodge and traveling much of the world for over a year to ski I returned home to continue school. I became good friends with a Mormon young man and was very impressed by his dedication and the spirit around him. This coupled with my experiences at BYU eventually caused me to really evaluate my life and realize that I wanted the kind of life and spirit my friends in the LDS church had, so I found the local bishop and asked him to help me become active. I attended LDS institute and started dating only Mormon girls. After a year I met the woman of my dreams and we married 7 months later. I liked the mormon church and saw all the good in it and in my friends but realized at 29 that I did not have a testimony of its truthfulness. I started to really pray and to read the Book of Mormon to find out if it was all true, after many months and very ernest prayer and study I received my answer. I had wanted and half expected to have a visit by the Lord or an Angel, but when what I later realized was the power of the Holy Ghost completely enveloped my whole body and "I knew the Book of Mormon was true, that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God and the Mormon (LDS) church WAS TRUE. I was so excited and have never doubted it since.

How I live my faith

Ever since I received a strong Testimony of the Mormon (LDS) Church over 40 years ago I have found how joyful it is to help others, whether or not they are Mormons. I have always loved working with children and the youth, my 1st calling was as the Activities Director for the 12 to 18 year olds then as a youth advisor and teacher. I have worked for over 34 years with children from 2 & 1/2 to 18 at my school along with our church kids for almost 40 years. One of my favorite callings and the most challenging was as a Bishop for almost 6 years. I felt the help and influence from the Lord Jesus Christ almost every day as I was called upon to help, counsel, and direct members of my ward (approx 600 people in 200 families) to improve their lives. I did not know how I could help all these wonderful people, but received such strong guidance from the Lord. I have served in many callings and also love being a local Missionary, even while working full time. Serving with my wife as ward missionaries was wonderful. We have made so many friends over the years and count that as one of the biggest blessings for service. My wife and I had the wonderful opportunity in 2006 to serve a 2 year mission to Russia and will leave April 2015 to again serve in Russia for 18 months. I have also really enjoyed the program we call "Home Teaching" and have made many long lasting friends from "Home Teaching" and serving as ward missionaries. We love to see the wonderful changes as they find the Lord and his Church. I would not work this hard and put in so much time if I didn't KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE. I know that when anyone reads the Book of Mormon & Prays with real intent to find the answers, they will receive an answer. That is what happened to me almost 43 years ago. I really wanted to know if the Church I attended was the right & true Church of Jesus Christ. I received my answer stronger than I ever expected. It's True !