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Hi I'm E. J. Brown

I'm a Mormon. I'm also a medical magazine editor in Southeastern PA. I joined the church as a convert at age 29 in Lynnfield, MA.

About Me

I've been a "writer" since I was 12, when I liked to pen stories about adventures I had with my friends. Journalism has been my lifework since I was 28. I also think I have every book I have ever bought or been given, and my (grown) kids throw up their hands in despair when they look at the collection of "junk" that I call my library. I also love to read, study history and religion (many kinds), swim, bike, and play the guitar and organ (once in a while). I'm now 65, have six grandkids, and am trying to figure out what in the world I will do when I retire.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized a Latter-day Saint on July 3, 1977, in Lynnfield, MA, at age 29. I grew up as an American Baptist, but was never really taught how to call upon the power of God in my life when I needed it. I was actually looking for the church that had God's authority in it (the true church) when a 14-year-old member of my Girl Scout troop in Salem, MA, came to babysit one night and brought her Book of Mormon. She was attending seminary, the church's high-school scripture-study program, and was going to study. I was intrigued and asked if I could read the book. She left it with me enthusiastically when she left the house. I became and am still a Mormon because I believe that Joseph Smith did fulfill his mission to restore many plain and simple truths of the Gospel that had been lost to the world through sin and apostasy. This incuded the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus had once given Peter, to seal, or bind, on earth marriages and kinship that will continue to exist in heaven after we die. The true Priesthood was conferred upon Joseph by Peter, James and John, and it has continued to be conferred on every worthy male member of the church thereafter, by those in authority, for the last 171 years. It will not be taken from the earth again. Latter-day Saints recognize the great power of the Holy Spirit in their lives and strive to live the commandments the Lord Jesus has given, with which He also offers great blessings. Past, present and future are strongly connected in this faith, family is eternal and the first priority on earth, and we are all literal sons and daughters of our Father in heaven. We grew up in His Kingdom, and want to return to live with Him once again. Jesus, the eldest brother in the heavenly family, is our Lord and Savior because of His sacrifice and resurrection, He created the earth at the will and direction of His father, and will come again to rule and reign over it.

How I live my faith

I have learned over 34 years in the church the truth of this axiom: "There is a law, irrevocably declared before the foundation of the world, upon which all blessings are predicated; and when we receive any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated." The Lord blesses us so much for living the commandments, whether or not we are members of the church. So much in my later life has come from doing that. I still tend to go my own way - I'm a stubborn daughter - but God has always gone with me. Even when we "disagree." He doesn't leave us. We leave Him. I love to talk about and teach the Gospel and give people hope for the future.