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Hi I'm Pierce

I'm an art student, with a small obsession with Oreo cookies, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an art student with an art education major, and am planning to start teaching art in Utah for high school students. I guess I settled on that degree because I love to teach and I love art, so why not combine them both! I love to joke with people and try to make people smile. I'm pretty much just an average guy with nothing special about me, except that I'm a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Why I am a Mormon

Well like alot of the members of the church i was born and raised in it. I was baptized when i was eight just like every one else, but I didnt realize just how true this church is and that there even was a god until i was a little older. i grew up in a town that had very little members of the church and so naturaly as a twelve year old kid some kids started to pick on me because of my religion. and i came to the conclusion that i had to know for myself if this church is true, and if god even exsisted. So i started to read the book of mormon, probably not like i should have, i read a bit here and a little bit there. I never had the time to do it every day i thought. but after a while I decided i had read enough of the book of mormon, besides from my sunday school class i already knew how it ended. and so that night i got on my knees and prayed to god, to know if he existed, and also if the church was true. and when i had finished my prayer, nothing happened. well this natually confused me. i had heard of so many people having these amazing experiances and here i was with, nothing. At first i was angry but i continued to go to my church meetings mostly because my parents wanted me to. and it was a few months later that i recieved my answer to my prayer. i was sitting in a youth mutual group and we were listening to the missionaries speak about joseph smith and for some reason their words seemed to penetrate my heart with a happiness that i had never felt before. then afterwards we all stood up and sang a song titled I Know That My Redeemer Lives. and when i was singing those words i felt an emense warmth and happiness that filled my entire body and i can not express the joy that i felt. and at that moment i knew that there was a god. but it still took time for me to gain a testimony of the book of mormon, and that came through actual study of the book and doing what was asked in moroni 10:3-5 it took time and work, but i know that the book of mormon is true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by following the example of jesus Christ. Every sunday we take the sacrament, when we pass the bread and water to all the people in the church. In the sacrament the bread and water symbolize the body and blood of christ, which he willingly gave up for us, so we could return to god. during that time we make very special promises with god we call covenants. those covanants are to take upon us christs name, to take upon us the name of christ means that we would live the way christ would live and act the way christ would act no matter what situation we are in. we also promise to always remember him and to keep all of his comandmets. and when we make those covanants with god, he promises to give us his spirit, but only if we keep our promises. being a true disciple of christ is to always stive to improve and be perfect like christ was perfect. we can't be perfect in this life but every time we take the sacrament, the mistakes we made during the week are washed away if we sincerly repent. and if we are always striving to do better eventually we will be perfected, through christ and his atonement

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the restored church of Jesus Christ while he was on the earth. We know that with the death of the apostles the authority to lead and guide the church the priesthood was lost. But, because God loves us he and his son Jesus Christ restored their true church through a young boy named Joseph Smith, who like many of us just wanted to know which church was true. Through the prophet Joseph Smith the priesthood is restored and the church of Jesus Christ is once again on the earth. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

The mormon life style is Christs life style. Our purpose is to have joy. We try to follow all the comandments god has given us, and as we live those comandments we are blessed with happy peaceful lives. We focus on families and family unity, the reason for that is because we know that families are central to gods plan for us to be happy. We avoid things that we know will damage our own spirituality and our families. When we make mistakes we try to fix them. We always try to increase our faith and knowledge in God and Jesus Christ. Because we know the happiness that comes from this church and from Jesus Christ we try to share it with everyone that we know, through service, missionary work and following Christ's example Show more Show less