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Hi I'm Brenda.

I run up mountains, I am mom to quads, twins and one more, I love my life and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife and a mother, a runner and a history buff, an occasional substitute teacher and a lifelong, albeit informal, student. I live in Alaska with my husband and 6 children and we spend our short summers hiking, fishing, and camping. In between those things, I run long distances, play basketball, and try to soak up as much sun as possible to get me through the long winters. I love to read, write, play board games, and watch my children experience life.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were not active Mormon's when I was a child and it was not until my teenage years that I began to question how I wanted to live my life. I had close friends who were Mormon and I was impressed with the closeness of their families and their stalwart faith. I visited many churches and learned as much as I could about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. I learned about the church that Jesus Christ set up while he was on the earth and learned about Biblical prophecies of Christ's church and priesthood going through a "falling away" or apostasy and prophecies of an eventual restoration of His church before his second coming. As I learned about these things, not only did it make sense, I felt a sure impression that they were true. I read the Book of Mormon and felt the same sure impression as well as an assurance that it all fits together - that the Book of Mormon is a record of other ancient peoples living on the other side of the world and also loved by Jesus Christ. I believe God answers our prayers. I have felt his presence and influence in the world around me, in my children's faces, and in times of heart wrenching trials. It makes sense to me that He is as interested and concerned about me as he was the people in ancient Biblical times. As in ancient Israel, God continues to speak through prophets today. That is a key part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being a member of this Church brings comfort and peace to my life. Having lost one of our children, knowing that my family can be together forever, not "till death do us part," means everything to me. I know that Jesus Christ leads this church through his prophets. I know because I have asked and received answers to my prayers.

How I live my faith

I live my faith daily. It is manifest in starting each day with prayers and reading scriptures as a family. It guides my interactions with my children and husband. It permeates my interactions with other people. Being a member of this church gives me opportunities to serve in our local congregation. Currently, I oversee the children's organization which includes Sunday instruction for kids ages 18-11 and weekday activities for kids ages 8-11. I get to work with and support teachers of those children and the leaders of the weekday activities. I get to know each of the children very well and help them to develop their own relationship with and faith in our Savior. And I get to learn from those children and their examples of faith. I have worked in a variety of different capacities and have found that I learn and grow from each specific job that I do. Service helps me to be less selfish, requires me to study and grow so I can teach, and helps me to become more of what the Lord wants me to be.