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Hi I'm Bryan King

I'm a Mormon. I'm also a convert having been baptized at the age of 41. My wife and children are life long members of the Church

About Me

Until the age of 17, I hadn't known anything about members of the Church. Mormons. I married my wife, an inactive Mormon, at the age of 18. After two years of college I elected to join the military, much to the chagrin of my wife. After graduating from flight school (US Army helicopters), our first tour was West Germany (then so called). It was during this time period my wife became very active in th Church. Our children were all baptized upon turning 8, the age of accountability. I began attending church, but only sacrament whereas my family attended the full block of three hours (sacrament, Sunday School, then either primiary for our kids or Relief Society for my wife). Over the next 17 years I went from a staunch disbeliever to a staunch defender and several sets of missionaries. My baptism was a great surprise to my wife and my children. Prior to my baptism, my oldest son served his mission in West Germany. Upon his return, I was baptised by my youngest son (a priest in the Young Men's program) and confirmed by my oldest son, a return missionary. My youngest son went on his mission shortly thereafter to Italy. I can't put in to words the elation, joy, and comfort I have as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have been sealed to my family and my oldest son was actually one of the two witnesses to the sealing of myself to my wife, his mother.

Why I am a Mormon

While in the military, and before my baptism, I ran almost daily. This was my time to communicate with God. I'd ask: "What's the purpose of life", and "Why am I here". And then just contemplate the reasoning without really receiving an answer. But, when I was taught the Plan of Salvation, our Pre-Existence, and our decision to follow Christ by taking on a mortal body and be tried and tested, I had the answers and I knew this was the truth. From there, I understood that we now have prophets to guide us. That miracles never ceased. That we could ask directly through the Gift of the Holy Ghost for guidance and assistance. My life has been blessed beyond measure. More than I can put in print.

How I live my faith

I have had many wonderful callings in the Church. Through these callings I have been able to learn so much about the fundamentals of the Church. I have a testimony of tithing and of all the prophets of old and within this dispensation. I know that through my trials and tribulations I have become stronger as a person and as a Latter-day Saint. I enjoy opportunities to speak about my faith. I try to be an example of my faith while at work or during recreational periods. I know that true joy comes in obeying God's commandments and not putting myself in situations where my faculties are dimmed. I believe in the Word of Wisdom in that I don't drink alcohol, coffee, tea, smoke, or take illicit drugs. I'm strong enough to endure the tauntings of those who scoff at us. My friendships are both within and outside of the Church. I truley love all people, but am careful as to whom I let in as my circle of friends. I love to serve. I testify to those who may read this that I am a living miracle and have been blessed beyond measure. Take the time to ask. Read the Book of Mormon. Inquire. Compare. Pray in sincerety. The truth is here.