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Hi I'm Randy Olsen

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father of 5 daughters and this January with my wife we celebrate 28 years of an eternity together. I'm semi retired and spend time with my family and two grandchildren. I have experienced many things raising my children that are girls. I have had challenges that, though I do not look forward to, have helped me to learn many good traits like patience, tollerance, understanding. I still have a long ways to go and much to learn before I feel to be the person in which my Heavenly Father would be content. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and gives me these trial to help me grow and become strong against things that would destroy my soul. I am a truck driver and travel several states around Colorado. I have come to meet many people from different areas and have found that most all people struggle day to day. I have meet good and caring others that I would happily call my friends. I know that this life is a trial. I have a great uncle that once told me that this live is tough and we all struggle in areas that could bring us down. He said that we must help one another always to just make it through. I think often of these words and the wisdom behind them and try to incorporate them into my life. I know that without the help of others, and more so my children with the most coming from my beloved lifelong and eternal mate my efforts would not be enough for success. I love the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Friend, He is my Savior.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because of the life style it creates fo me and my family. Most of my friends are members of this LDS church. The blessings offered to my family in areas of religious and social have helped me greatly in navigating my life. The church offers blessings for all, from the elderly to young, the married to singles, from the man to the woman, in areas to improve our life, our character and our own selves. As a child I lived my religion because of my parents but a time came in my life that I had to convert myself to a testimony of the truth of this work. I studied, I read, I prayed and I continued in this till I had an answer. This testimony came after my efforts and once it did is in not deniable. My Heavenly Father tried me for some time to test my patience in finding him. It was in no way a prayer one evening and a conversion the next morning. In some cases I have heard this to be true but in my case such was not. I am a Mormon because my Heavenly Father sent me his answer of the truthfulness of his gospel. This did not come by way of some Heavenly Messenger, nor some great revelation but through another. One that answered my thoughts and prayers directly with out even knowing me nor what I was striving to discover. I know the answer for no sooner had I heard the remarks that I felt within my soul that my prayers had been heard and here was the answer. I am because I have been told to my very core, my soul that it is true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith every day by trying to make each day better then the one before. I am not always sucessful and need to go on my knees daily to ask for forgivness in my weakness. I pray and read the word of God to learn of him, his glorious character and try to bring these into my character. I try to help others and I do not judge another for the type and style of life they leed. I share with others that want to know of the gospel of the things i know and feel. I spend time with others of my faith that are very enjoyable and easy going. How do I live my faith, well, my faith is my life. My faith is my way of thinking.