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Hi I'm Rebekah Webb

I'm a wife to an awesome husband, a mother to 4 great little children. I like to run for fun. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love being married. I love being a mom. I learn so much from my husband and my kids. I have 2 girls and 2 boys. Shortly after my youngest son was born, 2 years ago I decided to start running to see if I might get ready for a local race. I discovered I really like running. I like the time I have to think on my own, and the energy I get from the endorphins kicking in as I'm running. I ran my first marathon that Thanksgiving 2009, and my husband ran a half marathon with me a few months later. I love the chance that running gives me to set goals and achieve new personal records. My daughter also ran a race on Thanksgiving and we reminisce about it when we drive by where it took place. The other kids have great memories about that event and it's great to have their love and support as I share my hobby with them. My boys are my little running buddies in the jogging stroller and make my miles fun. My girls also like to challenge themselves and run with me on the track. My husband is my favorite running partner and we've had some fun times running together-on running dates.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church when I was 8 years old, January 4 1984. I remember on that day feeling so clean and wanting that clean feeling to last. I really gained an understanding about God, and his plan for me when I first went away to college. I have always remembered what a Bishop (church leader) had told me when I was a teenager, he'd said the only true happiness I will find in life will be in the gospel. I have found that to be true. I have such joy and purpose in my life through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I love the knowledge I have that my husband and my children will be with my forever. I enjoy the direction I get from reading the Book of Mormon and following the examples of the Prophets and leaders in the scriptures. I know that Jesus loves me and that is such a profound thing. I know prayer is real, and I feel such peace when I can give my concerns over to the Lord, and let him help me.

How I live my faith

I am a Family History Consultant in my ward, I get to help people discover their ancestors . I have found so many of my own family through my research. It has been great to see my family tree so full. I can now trace my family back to the 1600's. I have been doing work for my ancestors in the temple. I live far away from my own family and so have enjoyed my ward family. I have found so many people in our ward willing to help me and serve me. I have enjoyed my calling as a visiting teacher which is a calling all the ladies have where we are assigned other ladies in the ward to visit and look after. I have felt such love in getting to know the ladies I teach, and in turn I have great visiting teachers that are there for me and are so willing to do anything for me.

What is faith?

Rebekah Webb
Faith is believing in something, without actually seeing it. Faith is something that has to be built on, it is something that has to be added to. I love the story of faith that Alma teaches from the Book of Mormon. He was a missionary telling all those interested in listening to him about how Faith starts. He says first we have to want to have faith, to desire it, and then he says faith is like a mustard seed so tiny that has to be planted in good soil and watered every day, with sunshine to grow. It has to be tended to everyday. I feel the importance of growing my faith every day and I feel it growing when I read my scriptures and when I pray. When I allow myself to be open to experiences that will help my faith grow. I had my first experience with faith when I was younger, and I would pay my tithing, and always have my needs met. I lived with my parents so I wasn't really struggling but I was able to find work so that I could have money for myself and save up for college. Faith can be a powerful thing if we just let ourselves believe, and add to our beliefs every day. Show more Show less