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Hi I'm Tim Deaver

I'm a member of the LDS Church.

About Me

I'm a 50 year old electronics technician living in the state of Maryland. I work mainly in Northern Virginia and commute each day. I have 2 great sons, currently 18 and 16, who live with their mother in Virginia. I was born a member of the church to wonderful parents.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Latter-Day Saint because the Lord has proven to me that this church is HIS church and is the vehicle through which the fulness of His gospel is administered to the world. The Lord, through His spirit, has been guiding me all my life and has made it perfectly clear to me how very much He is involved in even the most seemingly insignificant experiences and aspects of my life. He has made it clear to me that He has expectations for me to experience certain things, learn, and grow in certain ways that are preparing me for an eternal life that will never end. He has also helped me to begin to understand what awaits us in the eternities. I now know that the preparations He has been leading me through will serve to make my eternal existence as wonderful as it can be. My adult life so far has not been a bowl of cherries and I have learned, with the help of the gospel and through many unpleasant experiences, that the difficulties and trials we suffer here in mortality will indeed serve to make our eternal lives more sweet than if we slid through life with ease and comfort. I don't enjoy challenges and trials but, with the Lord's help, have come to understand clearly why those challenges and trials are necessary. I know this church is true because the Holy Ghost has always led me to conform to the laws and principles given to us through it. I also know it's true because the knowledge I have gained about God's purposes for us and about the necessary conditions of mortality help me to understand the world we live in with a great degree of clarity. Things about this life that are a mystery to much of the world make perfect sense to me. While my faith is currently stronger than ever before in my life, I have not always been as faithful as I should have been but I have felt the liberating power of the Lord's forgiveness whenever I have repented of my sins and the Lord has always been gracious in His forgiveness. I know with a perfect knowledge that God lives.

How I live my faith

I came into the world with more imperfections than most folks and have struggled over the years to conquer many of those weaknesses and imperfections. After spending many years trying to circumvent the Lord's plans for me and ignoring guidance from the Holy Ghost, I finally decided, several years ago, that if I were ever to experience any real joy at all, whether in this life or the next, I had to do it the Lord's way. Ever since then I have tried to listen to the Holy Ghost and the leaders of the church as well as to follow guidance from the scriptures in order to conform as closely as possible to The Lord's expectations of me. I am far from perfect in my efforts but the Lord has been gracious in forgiving me my sins and failures and has been abundantly liberal in blessing me with guidance and knowledge. My attempts at living my faith consist of the basics - attending meetings, following commandments to the best of my ability, serving Heavenly Father's children as much as possible, and trying to keep myself humble before the Lord. Humility is the key to survival in the gospel and in keeping close to the Lord. My reward for all I manage to accomplish is to have the Holy Ghost visit me from time to time and speak peace to my heart - confirming that Heavenly Father loves me and is pleased with my efforts, however imperfect they may be.