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Hi I'm Joshua

NO i don't wear wooden shoes, But i am dutch and I'm a mormon. 荷兰人是最好的人!

About Me

I was born in the Netherlands. I moved around..... enough while growing up. I started in Woerden, moved to Zwolle, Tennessee,Washington state, Georgia, Texas, Now I'm in Orange County California serving a full-time mission for Jesus Christ! I absolutely love sports; mainly wakeboarding, Soccer, and volleyball. I was born in the church, however my parents are both converts converted in the Netherlands. I have 1 brother, 2 sisters, 1 brother-in-law, and 1 sister-in-law. I am the caboose, which apparently means i'm the last and the youngest in the family haha. 我现在学习中文所以我跟中国人分享耶稣基督的福音. 我的父母是归信着但是我在教会出生长大.我爱运动.我特别爱排球,足球和尾流滑水.

Why I am a Mormon

I understand that there are numerous churches where one has the opportunity to feel the spirit of the lord. Our religion doesn't try to tell anyone that those churches are not of God, But we do claim the fulness of the Gospel. That The church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints is being led By Jesus Christ himself. He has called Thomas S. Monson and 12 Apostles to be those instruments on earth, to lead and guide his sheep. It is the " One Lord, One Faith, One baptism" that Paul spoke to the Ephesians about or The " foundation of prophets and apostles" that Christ established on earth mentioned in the second chapter of Ephesians. This is the "Dispensation of the fullness of times" prophesied of by prophets. After the death of the apostles and Jesus Christ, the fulness of the gosel was lost for centuries and has once again been restored through the young, unlearned, Prophet Joseph Smith. When Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father entered into that grove to answer Joseph's prayer the long awaited "Restitution of all things" (the Acts 3:21) occured. The evidence of this miraculous event is the Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Known as The stick of ephraim to be used with the stick of Judah, the Bible, To testify of our lord and savior Jesus Christ and his role in our salvation (Ezekiel 37:16-17). All one has to do to find out if this things are true, and if this is actually the work of the lord is to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. According to 1st corinthians 12:3, the only way to know if Jesus Christ is your savior is by the power of the Holy ghost. I would like to add that the way we may come to know the truthfulness of any other Gospel principle is that same method, The Holy Ghost. I testify that these things previously mentioned are true. I know this church is led by the Savior of the world, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. This is his church, He wants me and you in it and thats why I chose to be Mormon!

How I live my faith

Currently I'm living my faith by accepting to the lords call to serve as a full-time missionary for Jesus Christ. I was sent to Orange County for 2 years. During those 2 years I have given up EVERYTHING! All we do for 2 years 24/7 is share the gospel. Its extremely diffcult and stressful, However the lord has asked us all to go 2 by 2 to establish his word around the entire world. It has proven to be the most amazing experience of my life and these 2 years will be treasured throughout all eternity. Before I was called as a representative of Jesus Christ I lived my faith by being the best disciple of Christ I could. I read the scriptures, prayed, went to church, and hearkened to the words of the prophets and apostles. I was honest and tried to help anyone and everyone I could in anyway possible. Although living the faith is extremely important, I believe this question cannot be answered fully without bringing up another question Why do we live our faith? More important than do I read scriptures, Pray, attend church, follow the prophet Is why am I doing these things. The answer is simple. In the october conference of 2009 " The love of God," by President Dieter F. Utchdorf he explained that the reason we should all do the things we do, and be the people we are, is because of our love for God. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ thats how I live my faith! If that means reading scriptures, praying, attending church, following the prophet, serving a 2 year mission, refraining from coffee, tobacco, and a massive list of other things. Than So be it. Whatever Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father would like me to do and be is how I live my faith because I Love them.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a mormon is like apple pie and vanilla ice cream. CLASSIC! but in all seriousness being mormon is difficult and alot of work. It's similar to the saying" no pain no gain." Well its difficult and alot of work , its also the most rewarding experience one could ever have. Being mormon is not just a different religion, Its a completely new lifestyle. It affects everything one does, Every single decision. I am EXTREMELY grateful to have grown up within the mormon church because there are necessary things I have learned that could not have been learned anywhere else. It has been a constant support and comfort for the trials and tribulations in my life. Especially, since I moved alot while growing up. Being a part of this church has allowed me to have a massive extended family everywhere I traveled. I had a place where I could feel people's love and where I could make friends with people who had common values and similar goals. I can not express how much being a member of the mormon church has blessed me, or how much it has helped me to grow closer to my savior, Jesus Christ. There are no words to describe this kind of feeling and joy that one can acquire from joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. With that being said, being mormon is like having an indescribable joy. Show more Show less