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Hi I'm Darbi Chavez

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Colorado but raised in St. Croix US Virgin Islands. I am married with two girls. My husband is Peruvian. I was always told that marrying outside of your culture is too hard and that it will break up your marriage in the end. I do not believe this to be the truth. I do believe that marrying outside of your religion on the other hand has the possibilites to cause this and I am sure that it is even greater if you marry outside of your religion and your culture as well. Our family is a mix of cultures so much so that we speak spanglish. The thing that makes our family work is the gospel of Jesus Christ. My husband and I, although raised in different parts of the world, have the same values and the same beliefs. I believe this is what makes it a family work. Without common beliefs I believe we would not have lasted long. My husband was a convert to the LDS faith at 16 and I was born into a LDS family. I went to BYU and we met in Utah. We have been here ever since. I work in a microbiology laboratory in Taylorsville UT.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the LDS church but that it not why I am a Mormon. I was the only Mormon in my school besides my brother growing up. That was hard but it also made me find out for myself what we believe and why. I am a scientist at heart and the facts are very important to me. Many people may say that we follow the religion of our parents and are "brainwashed" or "follow blindly". I do not believe that is the case. I question things that I am told to do because that is what Heavenly Father wants us to do. I believe that we must learn to listen to His spirit, understand how it feels and what it is and then follow what He would have us do. I do not believe that this is following blindly, I believe this is faith in what has already been tested and proven. Just as anything else in life, if you see something work once then you know it will work again. I have tried and tested my testimony over my lifetime and I know from the facts in the scriptures and my feelings that the entire truth is found here.

How I live my faith

We are attending the spanish ward where we live and I live my faith by serving in my calling. I am the young women president. This requires alot of time and patience. I visit the youth and plan activities every week. The days inbetween are when real life happens. I have two small daughters and we say prayers every morning and night together. They are learning to read their scriptures. I think our children are so close to the spirit and know who Heavenly Father is much better then we do. I try to live my faith by not watching the majority of the television shows that are out now. There is not much good on television. Everything is focused on wrong things and it is depressing. Sometimes i wonder if that is why there is so much depression in the world. My faith for me is an everyday all day thing. I try to be an example to those i work with. I try to have peace in my home.