Rachael: Mormon.

Hi I'm Rachael

About Me

Growing up my family loved being active, especially in the great outdoors so near to us in Utah. We snow-skied, camped and fished in the mountains. We took many trips to my favorite place on earth, Lake Powell, where I fell in love with the breathtaking scenery of the water and red rock cliffs. Luckily I married a fellow Lake Powell lover and we continue to go down there once or twice a year with our families and stay on a house boat where I can waterski, wakeboard and tube to my hearts content. I also loved sports and played basketball on many teams, including high school. I played soccer and softball as well. I loved music and played the piano and danced. I was on the high school dance company. I loved school learning and was very diligent or a "perfectionist" to the point I never got anything less than an A in all my schooling. My Senior year of high school I dated a friend who became the man of my dreams and we fell in love. Then he served a mission for the LDS church in Argentina for 2 years after high school while I went to nursing school. We got married in the Bountiful Temple in 2004. I worked full time as a nurse at a Cancer Hospital to support my husband through school. We now own a home and have 3 children a 4 year old girl, 2 year old girl and a 1 month old baby boy! Life is busy with these little ones, but we love our family home life and being together. I love taking pictures, especially of my cute kids! I am so happy with my life!

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were born and raised in the LDS church and so they also raised their children in the church and were very involved in it while I was growing up. They instilled in me the values of mormons while I was very young, but that is not why I am Mormon today. I gained my own knowledge of the truthfulness of the teachings of the church through my own study of the scriptures, prayer, and confirmation by the Holy Ghost. This is what I know: That Jesus Christ lives. He is the basis of my testimony of His gospel and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church with the complete fullness of truth on the earth today and that it was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith. I have knelt in the sacred grove where Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and I have asked if what happened to Joseph Smith was true and if the church was true and if the Book of Mormon was true and the answer I got to my prayer that was whispered to my heart by the Holy Ghost is that, "You already know all of that, you don't need to pray in the Sacred Grove to know, you already know." I know everyone can know all these things as well through the whisperings of the spirit and then by being baptized they can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost that will be their constant companion and help guide them in their lives and help increase their testimonies as they continue to live the gospel as it has in my life. I know we have a prophet today, President Thomas S. Monsen who leads the church. I know Heavenly Father is aware of us and loves us and knows us and we can reach Him through prayer and He has provided a way for us to return back to live with Him through the atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ. I know Jesus Christ came to earth and provided the perfect example for us to follow- He was baptized and did all that God asked of Him. He gave His life for us and atoned for our sins. He died and was Resurrected so we can live again. I know all these things are true!

Personal Stories

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

To Love Everyone and not to Judge people and that the atonement is for everyone not just to cleanse us from sin, but to heal us from sorrow, pain and suffering. I love my job as a nurse taking care of people with Cancer. Cancer doesn't care who you are- if you are rich or poor, old or young, educated or not, it affects people in all walks of life. So I have had the opportunity to meet all sorts of people who are afflicted with some form of cancer. I know Jesus loves everyone and I have tried to love all my patients with that same love. I treat all my patients the same and give all of them the same care and don't judge them. I know God allows things like cancer to be part of this life to help people recognize their need for a Redeemer to save them from death, pain and sorrow. Something like cancer not only affects the body, but afflicts people mentally, emotionally and spiritually and Jesus Christ can heal broken hearts if people will come unto him. Trials and challenges we face in life can help us grow close to God if we don't become bitter and blame Him for all the bad things that happen to us. God and Jesus Christ love us and allow bad things to happen to good people so we can become stronger in this life and help others who also face the same things we do. I've seen so many people with cancer lift and help others with cancer because they have been there too. There is a purpose to suffering as I have often questioned that when I deal with so much pain and suffering as an oncology nurse. I would wonder why God would allow people to experience such intense pain and I have learned God has a plan for each individual and wants them to learn to come to Him and feel the healing of His love even if their physical body isn't healed. I've seen this so many times and feel privileged to be a part of people's cancer journeys and see them and their families character and goodness grow because of all the pain.

How I live my faith

I try to live my life as my Saviour, Jesus Christ would want me to. Everyday, I try to be like Him as I care for my children as a mother. I try to be patient with my toddlers and teach them to be loving and kind to one another as Jesus was on the earth. I love telling my children scripture stories and reading the scriptures with them. We read the Book of Mormon as a family every night and even our two year old loves to repeat the verse we read out loud. Every Monday night our prophet has asked us to get together as a family and learn about the gospel together and just spend time as a family. We love teaching our children little lessons based on our values that help them learn to be good people and will hopefully prepare them to live a good life on their own one day. I also work with a group of young women in our church where I get to teach them at church each week. We focus on helping these girls live virtuous lives and stay true to church standards so they can go to our temples and be married for eternity there one day. Girls these days feel so much pressure to be known only for their looks or using their bodies to please others, so at church we let them know they are precious daughters of God with great worth and they can do important things in their life without trying to conform to what the world says they should be. I love working with these young women and seeing them mature and be happy with themselves, while not giving into all the peer pressure around them to drink or use drugs or have sex. We also meet once a week as a youth group to have fun activities and serve our community. Recently we went to a group of people with disabilities and played games with them and made crafts and treats and the girls loved to serve other people and make them happy just as Christ did while He was on the earth As I teach these girls and my children about Jesus, I find myself wanting and trying to be more like Him and feeling His love for me and those around me.