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Hi I'm Cordell Blaine

I'm a happy Husband, Father, Part Time Employee, and College Student.

About Me

I came from a family of 5. We grew up as any family would, lots of love and play. I enjoy to be outside, preferably out camping somewhere. Two of my most favorite toys growing up were either my train set, or a shovel. I had some other toys, but they eventually were eaten by the dog or buried in the yard somewhere. When I grew a bit older my family moved into a bigger house, and good news--my Dad put in a big sandbox for me to dig around in! Jumping ahead in life, I served as a missionary in South Carolina from 2009-2011, and loved every bit of it. Serving a mission is tough stuff, it's a lot of talking to people and genuinely wanting to help, whether it's yard work, painting a fence, or helping them grow closer to Christ by learning his gospel and praying for His truth. Currently I'm studying computer science at BSU. I married my wife June of 2012, and we have since had a baby girl. Our little family is growing, and we're loving every bit of it. Stay busy, work hard, love, and laugh to make life a life worth living!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church and was baptized when I was 8. I remember I felt good and was very excited. As my faith grew and more recently as a missionary I've come to know much stronger what impact that choice has made since I was only 8 years old. It opened the gate to the strait and narrow path- and the gospel keeps me inline with what God expects of me. I enjoy nothing more than feeling loved- and when I'm obedient to the commandments and serving others, I feel that love the holy Ghost brings! Really my testimony began to grow when I was 17- as is with every member of the church, I had to find where MY testimony stood. I couldn't last on my parents' testimonies for much longer! I was 2 years away from being the age to serve a mission, and only 1 year away from finishing High School! Where did I want my life to go? One day in the beginning of my junior year- I read a quote by Ezra Taft Benson that goes something like this "when you put the Lord first in your life, everything will either fall in place, or fall out of your lives." That quote hit me hard! I wanted to know if that really was true. So I made a goal to keep my end of the bargain, striving to put the Lord first. I was only in high school, so I thought if I read my scriptures and pray daily- that would be a step in putting Him first. I made my goal and diligently tried to follow through even though it was tough. I'd get home late or tell myself my homework went too far into the night... But I knew the Lord would keep his end of the promise so I read and prayed no matter what. I noticed changes in my life. I was much less stressed, I gained great friends that helped me put good things in my life. Some things fell out of my life as well. I know that Heavenly Father will always bless us when we do what He asks. I prayed about the Book of Mormon, I prayed about the prophet, President Hinkley at that time. Every prayer brings good feelings. The more I studied the happier my life became. I felt love.

How I live my faith

God has given standards, and expects us to live them. Live life, be happy, and treat others the way they should be treated as God's children. I strive to keep prayer a part of life because only God can help me prepare for tomorrow. I show my faith by living the commandments. I don't look at the commandments as a loss of freedom or that they're too strict. I see a wise Father setting the stage of life for me to grow in the best way I possibly can. I read the scriptures to learn more of my Savior and how I can better follow him.

Where did Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints begin?

Cordell Blaine
The Church began with a question from a young boy. In1820 Joseph Smith sought an answer of which of all the churches on the earth he was to join. "Which church was Christs?" After inquisiting local church leaders he decided to follow his heart and take his question to God's word in the Bible. He came across a scripture in James that taught if you have a question ask God, He loves each one of us and will give answers freely to those seeking. Young Joseph went to pray and inquire of God which of all the churches was right. In answer to his humble and sincere prayer Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ came to personally tell him that none of the churches at that time had Christ's authority the priesthood. Over the next few years Joseph was prepared by angelic messengers to restore Christ's Church just as Christ had set it in order during his mortal ministry nearly 2000 years ago. I'm thankful that the full and true gospel has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith, just as Moses and Noah in olden times brought truth to people during their time. The promise James wrote still and will always stand, Ask God and he will answer. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Cordell Blaine
From first hand experience, missionaries go out and proselyte to teach others the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We go out and search for our brothers and sisters that are searching for a closer connection with our Savior Jesus Christ. Our message is that through a prophet in our day (a man like Moses or Isaiah) God speaks and guides His children (thats every one of us on earth). Just as in the ancient days of prophets, people always have the choice to accept or decline God's servants. We seek those looking to accept Christ's messengers, to bring His gospel and teachings into the lives of others. It might sound like a bold claim, but through prayer everybody can have a sure knowlege of this wonderful blessing while in mortality. Missionaries seek those wanting to join Christ's church (His organization) through baptism by the proper authority, and afterward recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost. We all have a lifelong journey to return back to our Father, and He will guide us Show more Show less