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Hi I'm Rheim

I'm a Mormon and I am a new mother of 2 boys. I am married to Jon and an Account Executive at a large bank.

About Me

My father is Muslim and my mother is Mormon with a rich Pioneer history. My father wanted us to not be raised in a certain religion so we could make our own decision when we were older. Until I was baptized at age 30 Sunday was a cleaning or playing day and I knew God did exist but I just thought the LDS Church was for old people. It wasn't until I decided to turn to God during a hard time in my previous marriage that I knew the Church was true and I couldnt deny it. I was baptized 6/1/2000 and I couldn't get enough of the Doctrine. When the missionaries came to my house I could feel the Spirit so strongly and didnt want them to leave. I didnt expect the feeling of the Spirit to be so strong and undeniable. Once I received all of my ordinances I was immediately taken from my previous marriage of 15 years which I was never happy in. It was immediately after that I began to think of my husband Jon whom I had worked with at Washington Mutual Bank. I was attending the Temple weekly and received so much revelation for my new dream home and my future with Jon. After a few months he asked me out and we began our eternal relationship. We were married 6/1/2005. Everything has been so perfect and planned with our jobs, traveling the world, buying a new home together, having 2 beautiful boys after our 5 years of couple fun. I am grateful every day to the Lord and Father in Heaven for Their immense blessings that I know I have only been granted because of my commitment to the true Church

Why I am a Mormon

I am grateful that the decision to join the LDS Church for me was a true decision from my heart and spirit and not for any other reason. My grandmother and mother tried to give me information when I was younger but I was not open to hearing them or the missionaries that would stop by my house. I did attend other churches while investigating and I didnt feel the same as I did with the LDS Church. The Holy Ghost testified to me so strongly that the LDS Church was true and I felt such peace and joy. Once these feelings are felt they cannot be denied and my desire grew to learn more and be commited to the teachings of the Gospel. My Confirmation Blessing at time of baptism promised that all of my hearts desires would come true. I was very unhappy in my previous marriage and only through the Spirit I had revelation to help me leave the marriage safely. This happened right after I received my Temple ordinances and it was a clear signal from the Spirit. Since I was young I had a vision of the boy/man that I would want to be with. When I was married the first time I didnt think a man like that would want to be with me and I had to be realistic. After Jon and I began dating I relized he is the man that I have always pictured as my dream husband. I know I was looking specifically for him through my life but I wasnt worthy to be his wife until I had made the decision on my own to join the LDS Church. I was directed to my dream home I had admired for 10 years at the specific time I needed to contact the agent, my jobs have worked out perfectly with my life and needs, we have traveled the world to all of the places I have ever desired to see and we are now blessed with beautiful boys when I had thought that I wouldnt be able to have children. All of my hearts desires have come true as my Confirmation has promised. Aside from what the Lord has given me, I have peace and joy every day, comfort of eternal blessings and pray that my will will align with His. He knows best for us.

How I live my faith

When I joined the LDS Church the biggest change was giving up coffee, tea and paying tithing. I do not miss either drink and I cannot imagine not paying tithing. The Lord gives us all talents, opportunities and income and being able to keep 90% of what He has given us is a great blessing. My goal is to attend the Temple weekly and it is a personal need that is very fulfilling to me. Being in the Temple is as close to Heaven as we will get here on earth. My goal is to make our home a Temple for our family to give shelter from the world and a place of learning and security. Having Family Home Evening every Monday night is a great blessing and opportunity to bond with each other and our children and build our testimonies. The direction on family is truly inspired by the Lord. I know that following the principles of the Gospel gives me protection and freedom from the bonds of sin. Knowing the plan God has for us and knowing that each one of us is a child of God I look at the human family with more compassion and love. We cannot judge each other and will not understand what everyone has experienced and why they do what they do even if we do not agree with their choices. I really look forward to Conference every April and October and I always get needed guidance from the talks. Some may think that 3 hours is too much time to spend at church on Sunday but I look forward to it every week. It is a time to uplift myself and keep on track with what I need to do. There is so much I need to work on, such as reading more now, going back to attending the Temple weekly, serving others more, etc. but each day I pray to be better and accomplish my mission here on earth. When you know for a surety that the Lord restored His Church through Joseph Smith and the current day Prophet is President Thomas Monson, nothing else matters and all that matters is that you follow the principles and work each day to better yourself. I am very grateful for this knowledge and the eternal blessings.