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Hi I'm Kevin Ramsey

I'm not only a Mormon, but a proud one that is learning more about my religion every day.

About Me

I live in Battle Creek, Michigan USA. I had been inactive for over 20 years, but in Late 2010, I came back. While I was absent from the church I went through many changes & experienced many different things. None of which do I regret because I can use the good and bad to help me develop myself and my connection to our Father in Heaven. When I moved to Michigan I did so to not only reconnect with my family I was absent from for over 16 years, but to help make a new start on life. There is more "About me" then a few characters on the screen can show, if you want to get to know me, then you will learn more.

Why I am a Mormon

I became a Mormon on February 14, 1982 when my parents decided to join the church. I was 16 years old and joined because my parents were converted from the Missionaries knocking on our door. At the age of 21 I began to become less active and eventually stopped going all together. In 2009 I met a friend on line though a MMORPG On line multi-player game and found out he was a Mormon. Eventually a situation arose that I had to get out of the place I was in in California that was starting to be a bad environment for me. So I moved to Nevada where he & his family welcomed me in. They did not try and actively get me reactive in the church. But just by being in a family setting of active Mormons, I began to feel a desire to go with them one day when they went to church. I partook in the sacrament thought some might say I should not have, however I did so while thinking of the words of the sacrament, "...to the souls of all those that partake of it." I quietly asked God to allow my spirit to be nourished with the sacrament. Well Guess what? no beam of light or heavenly messenger descended upon me. However I did feel a lighter feeling over the week. The next week I did the same thing. I starting looking forward to the next week. After the 3rd time, I started not feeling it as strong. I felt I could do something else with my time then go to church, However, I knew that voice. That same inner voice lead me on dangerous paths. So I called the missionaries and asked if they could set up a regular weekly visit with me between each Sunday. I struggled alot in the first 60 days of become reactive. Eventually after a couple of months of Sundays. I felt like I was truly home in the church again. So if you or someone you know struggles with the church as I did, do as I did and try a month or 2 of Sundays and then quietly reflect and the quiet subtle changes will start to show. Recently, an Elders Quorum President visited me, as we talked he asked me to read Alma 32.

How I live my faith

I would love you to read that how I live my faith today is PERFECT! It is by far from perfect. I work on just one small area of Character defects that I have. Just one that I feel I can handle and am willing to work on. Doing it this way, at least for me, has been helpful. There are a few things (bad Habbits if you will) that I did NOT want to change. When I told the missionaries what they were and that I was refusing to budge on my decision to hold on to something I felt was important to me, So important that I would not continue any further with them or the church if I could not keep the part of my personal past (Again Bad Habbit). They just looked at each other and smiled and then told me not to worry, they don't judge me and are not asking me to give anything up, just to give the atonement of Jesus Christ a chance to work on the areas that I am willing to work on. I said ok you got a deal A few months latter I realized something quite odd. The ONE thing of my lifestyle that I refused to budge on. That would or seemed to be so much of a unwanted change in my life that I rather keep my lifestyle as it was even if it meant me and the Church part our separate ways, well when I revisited the idea, the thing or lifestyle that I didn't want to budge on seemed less important to me. Today, I can testify to you that what burden I could not bear the lord eased away from me like a parent would ween their child off a baby blanket by a gently distraction until the security blanket was no longer needed. The first thing I might say to Our Heavenly Father when I meet him might be, "Thanks Dad". :) Again a testament that whatever we alone cannot overcome, He can. So again how do I live my Faith? Let's just say I am like an athlete, or musician, artist who has to practice to keep having that edge needed to do what needs to be done. Sometime it feels like baby steps but at least it is a set in the right direction.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Kevin Ramsey
I do believe there is a prophet alive today, YES, but... "Like Moses?" No, today the prophet doesn't have to walk as far. Show more Show less

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

Kevin Ramsey
My personal view & experience has been that I have only seen ONE race in the church. The Human race. As for color, well only those that are Bluish-Green might have a hard time getting in. Show more Show less