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Hi I'm Michael Solesbee

I love my wife, off road motorcycle racing, and downhill mountain biking with our 4 boys. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Born and raised in the LDS faith, I have enjoyed the lifestyle that comes from following the teachings we believe. As a young teen I flew hang gliders with my family, even flew in the world hang gliding championships in 1974. Now at 53 years old, I still race offroad motorcycles, racing the District 37 Grand Prix series. I enjoy downhill mountain biking with my 4 boys, we have alot of great memories on the trails we have ridden together. Following in the example my parents set, we have enjoyed many summer vacations with our 4 boys, camping out at some of the lakes here in the south west. Boating, jet skiing, wake boarding, fishing, skipping rocks, hiking, the lakes have been a source of some great memories, many adventures, from broken down boats, to hiking up canyons and exploring together, you just cant replace those kind of memories. I have recently started scuba diving, and I wonder why I have not tried this sooner! There is another world of life under the water, and I am enjoying learning about, and seeing it first hand.

Why I am a Mormon

I occasionally ask myself "why I am a Mormon", not only am I a "Mormon" but I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, that is the real name of the church. Jesus Christ is the foundation and the cornerstone of our faith, never let anyone tell you otherwise. With the Bible, and the Book of Mormon, we have 2 books that teach of Christ and build our faith in him. My life has been blessed in so many ways, I only have to look around me, and see how my life has been, and all the blessings I have and enjoy each day, the teachings and beliefs I have as a Mormon, have shaped my life. Looking back now at 53 years old, I see so many times the teachings we believe in have helped me make choices, that have led my life in such a way that I have been able to avoid many of those situations where poor choices in life, cause poor results in life, and what a blessing that has been, after all who likes having to backtrack, trying to make up for some poor choice they have made in life. Married to my sweetheart for 31 years, my wife is the love of my life, I believe the way we were both raised, following the teachings of our faith, has helped our relationship with each other become what it is today, we are both so in love with each other, I wouldnt want it any other way. With divorce so common now days, its great to have a relationship like ours, I owe that to the teachings we believe in. Now watching our 4 boys start their own families, its rewarding to see the values we hold, passed on to the next generation, thats all a parent could hope for.

How I live my faith

Being raised as a Mormon, I have always tried to live by the teachings we are taught. As a adult now I can see the benefit of following those teachings, I have a healthy body and enjoy a active lifestyle, as out faith teaches, we shouldnt take harmful things into our bodies, like tobacco or alcohol, or illegal drugs, our body is a temple. When I turned 19 I served a mission for 2 years, sharing with all who would listen, those things that have had such a positive impact on my life, one of the greatest experiences of my life, sharing my testimonie of the life and example of Jesus Christ, the foundation of our Church. Remember, the real name of the "Mormons" is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". Today, i am active and have spent many years in the youth programs of the Church, they are the future leaders, I hope and pray they will hold fast to what is right and true, and continue to follow the teachings that have brought me so much joy and happines in my life. I have watched our four boys grow, and struggle, and learn, and become the young men they are today, all four have left on missions for our church, the youngest still serving with one year left. They have all sent home letters expressing how greatful they were for the teachings they were raised with. Isnt that nice, as a parent to see your children realize, that all the things they questioned when they were young, were really as we said they were! Thats a parent "payday".