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Hi I'm Marcella Christiansen...

I grew up in Southern California. I'm in love with an adorable little boy who calls me Mamma!:) I'm a Mormon!

About Me

My name is Marcella Christiansen, and I'm a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, for about 8 years now. I live in American Fork, Utah but have lived my whole life in Southern California, close to Los Angeles. I have experienced tremendous amounts of trials through my life time, from childhood and adulthood, and know first hand whats it's like to not have the full gospel in my life through a lot of it. I also have learned that those trials are all a part of Heavenly Fathers plan. I see my trials now as a blessing rather than obstacles, because they have made me a bold, and very strong member in the church today, because of them. I'm so very grateful to have met a friend who invited me to church one Sunday morning, and now the rest is history!

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I believe this church to be true! I started taking lessons with the missionaries, without anyone knowing, so that I could make my own opinion of it all. I learned the basics, prayed daily for answers, and kept in mind that Satan will do anything to stop me from getting baptized. After several lessons, I still didn't feel anything. One morning I decided that if I was going to receive any answers that I will need to do the "leg work". I dedicated myself to a prayer before I read the Book of Mormon everyday. I did this with an open heart, and contrite spirit. I made a goal to read this book no matter what I had to do during the day, and I never let anyone's opinion's get in the way. I can be very, very stubborn sometimes, so this worked out great! One day at work, I had a little break, so I sat in a window seal over a beautiful view of the California Valley to read, when I had my "AWE MOMENT". It was like nothing I've ever felt before. I had only read one line when, I felt a sudden rush of peace and happiness overwhelm me like I've never felt before. The best way to describe it is by reading 1 Nephi 8:11-12. I never cried very easily, but did so because I was so happy, and shocked at the feeling I had received. I got baptized 1 month later, and started on a journey of learning so much more, by being consistent, and faithful. Life will NEVER be the same since that day I left neutral ground, but also because I wouldn't want it to be. ;-)

How I live my faith

C.P.R. C= Commandments P= Prayer & R=Reading Scriptures Commandements= I try to follow the 10 Commandments everyday! The more serious ones I follow all the time, but like all men I fall short sometimes with some of them. I try to remind myself though, that that's what the Atonement was created for, and Heavenly Father knew this would happen, because no one is perfect! I take the sacrament every Sunday to renew my covenants, and cleanse me of my shortcomings. I also pray daily that the Lord will help me conquer my weaknesses, so that I can move forward, and not repeat the same mistakes. Prayer= I try to be very diligent in my prayers. I pray every morning with a grateful heart upon wakening, and that the Lord will keep me safe throughout the day. I also pray periodically throughout the day when I remember to, or have time. Prayer is our communication with the Lord. Whether it be a silent prayer, or one out loud, Prayer can really help build faith, give us answers, and change the way we think. R= Reading When I first converted to the church, I made a goal to read the Book of Mormon all the way through, and I did it! I also read the four Gospels in Holy Bible, and I loved the comfort it brought to my soul. Commiting to reading the scriptures, or any Church Doctrine everyday not only helps me understand the Gospel a lot better, but it also helps me to remember Christ, and how to be more like him.

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Marcella Christiansen...
YES! Why wouldn't Jesus care about teaching the gospel to EVERYONE on earth? Jesus died for everyone's sins. He loved everyone so theres no doubt he would descend from heaven and appear to all his people and spread the news. Jesus also came down from heaven to heal the sick, and orgainze his church, and give instruction. The Book of Mormon is record of just that. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Marcella Christiansen...
Pray, read, and just always remember there is an evil side that will try and stop you from doing the right thing, so you will never be with Heavely Father again. Don't get hung up on the little things if you don't understand, or agree with them because how you lived prior to this point about the Gospel. There is a time and place for everything, and understanding and acceptance will have it's place. Pray to have those answers, but don't dwell on them. It will come with time, I promise, whether in this dispensation of time or in the resurrection, ALL things will be known. Also, this is where Faith is tested in new converts, so stay diligent in prayers, reading scriptures, and attending all meetings, and it will not only get easier, but many blessings will be in store. When you do all of these things with a humble heart, you will get an answer, and never forget that answer, act on it! Get baptized! Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Marcella Christiansen...
Pornography ruins peoples lives. Ruins families, and kills trust. But most importantly it takes away the Holy Spirit, as well as any self confidence, and self respect. Stopping pornography is crucial. It starts by not ignoring the signs when loved one's need help with it. Not sweeping the issue under the rug, and believing that it isn't that bad, and will just get better on their own, and then eventually gets bigger than you ever expected. It's confronting that person BOLDLY who has a real addiction. It's filtering t.v./ music/ language and explaining to children at a young age how harmful porn is. Protecting your children by speaking about the opposite sex with respect, so that they can grow up seeing there spouse / girlfriend as a real person, and not as an object. But most importantly- It's about being a good example as parents yourselves. For all of us, doing our duty to God as parents and leaders begins with leading by example—consistently and diligently living gospel principles at home. For if we teach them when they are young they will know how to come back to Heavenly Father, and not go down a path of destruction that I've personally seen loved ones take. Also, as parents the sin will not be upon our heads if we taught them these things in the first place. Show more Show less