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Hi I'm Cody Kloepfer

A Washington-er, a Apple enthusiast, a hopeful minimalist, and a missionary.

About Me

Joy. My favourite word, this simple word sums up how I try and live my daily life. I’m a geek, and I’m happy to be one. I love to look at, fix, and play around with anything that has a chip inside of it. Yes, I am a Mac. I plan on studying in the Computer Science field, pursuing the geek inside of me. Other hobbies include cars and driving them, especially my Mazda 3. The minimalistic lifestyle, typography, and beautiful product packaging are a few other interests. I’ve had a stutter my entire life, and it’s been a life-long pursuit to overcome this stutter. Slowly but surely, with a lot of hard work, trials, and tribulations I am improving and will someday be stutter free. The stutter doesn’t slow me down one bit. I left all of my hobbies, my home life, and most importantly my family to serve in the Oakland / San Francisco Mission – a huge sacrifice but an amazing experience. The mission is such an amazing time to grow, to learn, to meet and serve others, and best of all to find my weaknesses and make them into strengths. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this mission (so far) and will be very sad when it comes to the inevitable end. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Why I am a Mormon

I'll first start off with a little bit of a back story, might bore some, I'm sorry if it does. I've been a member all my life, with amazing parents who are very strong and active in the gospel. I was active, I went to church every Sunday, was living the commandments, but I felt that I wasn't active for the right reason. Was I doing it for myself or because I had to for my parents? I came to that scary realization when I was about 18 years old, when I was going by myself to the Singles Branch. During my time at the Singles Branch, a lot happened. I feel that I have gained my own testimony, I understand the gospel a lot more, and actually really enjoyed church! During that time another significant thing happened, I decided to serve a mission. Best decision FOR my life, ever. Because of the mission so far, I've felt the joy, the peace, the absolute comfort that comes from the gospel. The Plan of Salvation is probably my favourite piece in the gospel, it eliminates ALL worry of what's happening after this life. The gospel to me is reassuring, it's full of joy, it's full of comfort, and so much more - that's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I'm a missionary! Being a missionary is such a wonderful opportunity, being able to share the gospel and helping others come unto Christ. I'm living my faith 24/7 as a missionary - something that is simply amazing. Before the mission, I have served in a couple callings in the church, nothing special but the best one (and continuing one) is to be a home teacher. Helping others is something that I love to do, serving as Christ would do. A great time to lose yourself in the service of the Lord.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Cody Kloepfer
Families are a central part of our growth in this life. Through families we can feel the greatest joys, learn from and teach other family members, and best of all love from each other. Despite difficult circumstances, little quarrels, busy lives, and so on you can always count that your family is here for YOU. They are your main source of support! These and many more are only a couple reasons why families are so important to Mormons. I personally can testify of the importance of families. During hard times especially, and throughout life, your family is always here to support, to guide, and best of all love you. I love my family, I love all that they do for me and how they care for me. I don't even know where I would be if I didn't have my family. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Cody Kloepfer
Prayer - the ONLY way you can know that Mormonism is true. God is anxious and willing to listen to our humble questions, and so much more. Through prayer you can ask what you are learning, what you've studied is true. I know that God will answer your prayer. He'll personally answer you and tell you if Mormonism is true or not. We still have to continue to study, to show our effort that we want to know that it's true. As we are seeking, have an open heart, have an open mind and you'll feel the Holy Ghost answer your sincere prayer. The Holy Ghost is a still small voice, he works through feelings of peace, comfort, happiness, warmth and so on. If you've felt that, that's the Holy Ghost telling you the truth. Show more Show less