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Hi I'm Forrest

I love making people laugh. I'm a pianist. I love teaching, especially about Christ. I say "alright" a lot, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm from the mystical land of Las Vegas, which is known for its nickname, "City of Righteousness" (or "Sin City". One of the two). I love all things music. I play the piano, and I love to play and compose all kinds of piano music. Me and my best friend are big film geeks, and we would go out and see movies all the time. I've given those things up for right now, though, so I can serve the Lord. I'm currently a missionary serving in the Florida Jacksonville Mission. It's hard work, but I get to meet amazing people every day. If someone were to describe me...... I'm not sure what they'd say. I can be very energetic at times and I love to joke around and laugh with people. I absolutely cannot dance! I'm known for doing random things just for the fun of it, but I also know when to be serious. I take the gospel very seriously, and I try to help others receive the same joy that I have. I love teaching! I'm thinking about pursuing a career in teaching. I love the idea of helping people make connections, and helping them to learn on their level. I like trying to learn about people from their body language and their attitudes, and then teaching them according to their personality. I especially love teaching out of the scriptures, especially helping people make connections between what the scripture is saying and how the historical background plays into that. To others it may be boring. To me it is fascinating!

Why I am a Mormon

That's a good question.... One that is difficult to answer. There are so many reasons why. I was raised in an environment where I was exposed to the church, but me and my family never really went. We were an Easter and Christmas kind of family. When I was in high school, I started feeling a spiritual yearning. I felt like something was missing from my life, but I really wasn't too motivated to look for it. I knew I wasn't where I should be, but I just sat where I was not doing much about it. One day a knock came to our door, and a man from the church was on our doorstep. He told us he was there to share a message. We invited him in, and he invited us back to church. I decided to start coming, and I brought my mom and my sisters with me. We've never looked back! That's not to say that it was easy. We still faced a lot of difficulties. Though my mom and my sisters came back, my dad decided not to come. We faced a lot of trials as we all made changes for the Lord, but in the end, we are a happier and closer-knit family. We love each other a lot! My dad has also come back since then. I'm a Mormon because of miracles. Miracles that God Himself placed in my path. I'm a Mormon because of the blessing it brings my family. I know that through the Lord all things are possible, even my family being united for eternity. I'm excited to receive those blessings in my life!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being in the world, but not of the world. Though I find myself around low standards every day, I don't allow myself to lower my standards. As I interact with people, they start to ask me about their life concerns. As if I know! People's attitudes towards me change as they see the kind of person that I am. They begin to be more careful with their words and actions. I live my faith by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone I know. Right now I'm in South Carolina, preaching the word of God to everyone I see. I know this message can bless everyone's lives. I want to help them receive it. I also live my faith by composing spiritually uplifting music. My feelings pour out of my heart onto the keys of the piano. I love the thought that someone could come closer to the Savior through the music that I play.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

The way to know is simple. God wants everyone to know, but He asks that we show him a little bit of desire first. The Book of Mormon is the evidence that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is God's church again on the earth. He asks that we read the book, ponder its message, and then pray to ask if it is God's word. As we pray, we can come to know the truth through the power of the Holy Ghost. As you pray, you will feel emotions of peace and happiness. This is the Holy Ghost bearing witness to you that it is true. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

There is no way we can possibly be saved without grace. Grace is the enabling power of God that gives us strength to overcome our trials. Grace is achieved through good works. In the Book Of Mormon, it says that it is "by grace we are saved, AFTER ALL WE CAN DO." God promises saving grace to those who do the very best they can to follow Him. Without grace, we are nothing. With God's grace, we can do anything. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Just as Jesus Christ's church was persecuted anciently (and all you need to do to see that is read the book of Acts), there are many misunderstandings about it today. The definition of the word "cult" varies depending on who you are talking to. I think generally the word cult is used to describe a church that people don't understand. There is a lot of fear in the unknown, and from my experience, most people that call Mormonism a cult don't really understand what the teachings of the church are. My invitation to you is to find out for yourself. This website talks about the things that we do and believe in. Does helping others, living the commandments, trying to live like Jesus Christ did, sharing the gospel, etc. sound cultish you? I personally don't think so. I think there are just a lot of misunderstandings about what we really do believe. Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Number 1, don't tolerate it in any form! Pornography is everywhere! It's on the television, in magazines, on the radio, in the stores, etc. If you see it, turn off the TV or the radio, put down the magazine, walk out of the theater, do whatever it takes to stay away. Pornography is addictive. The key to ridding the world of pornography starts with us. We must do what is right, and others will follow our example. Visit combatingpornography.org for more ideas of how to stop this influence. For those who are addicted, help can be found through the Savior and His mercy. Show more Show less