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Hi I'm Samuel Clark Moore

I grew up in the Salt Lake Valley, and was not raised as a Mormon, but now, yup, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the youngest of 4 children in my family. When I was just a kid I watched the Olympics on TV and saw the gymnastics and told my mom I wanted to do that stuff. Thus began a 20 year career as a gymnast. This pursuit took me to college at Arizona State University where I competed on the team and was team captain for 3 years. I did other stuff too, like played the trumpet and learned to love reading, writing and drawing. But gymnastics was my biggest love. After I graduated college with my degree in Mechanical Engineering I served as a missionary in the Korea Seoul West mission and that was far and above the greatest experience of my life. After returning home I have had several jobs that have allowed me to use my Korean language but just recently, in 2011, took a job that had me move all the way across the country to Maryland where I will hopefully be traveling back to Korea as part of the job. I am really excited.

Why I am a Mormon

This is almost too easy to answer. I am a Mormon because I read the Book of Mormon and felt in my heart and mind that it was true. You see, when I was growing up in Utah, my family did not practice religion, but I had tons of people around me who were religious. So I generally considered myself to be like a Mormon because I wanted to fit in. But then I moved away to college. I chose my school for the gymnastics program and did not even consider the fact that there was a reputation for wild parties happening there. So when I arrived, I really had to decide for myself if I wanted to be a Mormon person (a Latter Day Saint) or if I wanted to go along with everyone in order to be social and party. Luckily I decided that I would read the Book of Mormon. As I did so I would get to parts of the book that I didn't quite understand, or parts that had such amazong stirring promises in them that they almost seemed like they could not be possible. So I prayed to know if it was true. And no enormous booming voice told me it was true, but I felt a really peaceful feeling each time I prayed about it almost as if there was someone beside me saying, "It's okay, just keep going, you will find the answers". And so it was that through continued study I learned to recognize that this was the Holy Spirit of God testifying to me that the Book of Mormon is True. And then following the obvious line of logis, I knew that Joseph Smith was the prophet of the Restoration, that God our Heavenly Father Lives and that his Son, Jesus Christ, lives and is our savior. Knowing those things gave me the strength to follow the commandments and live essentially free from regrets even as I was exposed to social pressures constantly asking me to lower my standards. I love my Father in Heaven for those and many other blessings, I love Jesus Christ and know he is our Savior through whom we can receive eternal life, and I love the Book of Mormon and the truths I have FELT from reading its pages.

How I live my faith

Currently I am single and living alone. I love my new job and I enjoy attending my new ward in Maryland. I am expecting to start a new calling here soon, so I look forward to opportunities serve other people in my area very soon. But aside from that, I live my faith by studying all I can about it. I love to study the scriptures. I am always finding great connections and meaningful passages there that somehow weem to apply to what is going on in my life at the time. Somehow.

What is the Law of Chastity?

Samuel Clark Moore
As a Mormon, I have actually been very blessed to be expossed to a very healthy and strong definition of chastity and sexuality. It has been only in the LDS church where I have seen such a strong endorsement of the great blessings and bonds that come from using our sexuality responsibly within the bounds which God, who after all Created us, has set, and yet also provide such a clear view of the distorted and perverse view the world in general had created regarding sexuality. The world tends to tell people that they should be free to do what they want without ever thinking about the potential consequences and other lives you may be affecting. The world wants everyone to believe that religion and chastity means rules and bondage, but through the LDS church I have learned that following the commandments means freedom and choice. There is not a single commandment that does not lead to increased happiness. I have learned that through experience and seen it's various outcomes in the lives of friends and family. And I can truly say that I KNOW that the law of chastity is a commandment that is central to our happiness. Show more Show less