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Hi I'm Brian

I'm an ok basket ball player at 43 (can't dunk anymore), a husband and father and love to discover new things, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband and father of three children, two girls and a son. My wife Nicole and I have been married for 21 years. My son is on a mission in Japan, oldest daughter graduated from high school and that leaves one at school. I grew up in both a rural and urban environment and still prefer the wide open spaces. Right now most of my life revolves around my family. When younger I enjoyed playing sports of all types, particularly basket ball. Being over 6ft 5in I often played center however prefer forward position. I still like to get together with friends and shoot some hoops. In my teen years I had a keen interest in sciences and mathematics. I did well enough to be accepted into University studying electronic engineering at in Brisbane graduating with honors. I've been lucky to work some interesting projects over the years. I enjoy learning both from study and life. From time to time I come across new interests. In recent years I've been interested in politics, history and particularly world religions. I also enjoy reading and learning about other peoples cultures and beliefs. While on a plane flight recently I had a great discussion with a professor of world religions. We had some great conversations about world religions in general and many other related social topics. She was quite surprised that a Mormon has such a open and broad world view. That's a great aspect of teachings of the LDS church, I find its doctrines to be inclusive of all fields of knowledge.

Why I am a Mormon

If it wasn't for two missionaries who knocked on my parents door in 1975, I would not be a Mormon today. But this does not mean that I'm blindly following what my parents believed. The earliest recollections of going to church consisted mostly, attending old halls in Gladstone, and later a small church in Mackay. I remember attending primary (sunday school for children) singing songs and gospel lessons. When I grew into my teens and after my parents had separated I had questions and doubts. I had youth leaders and a mother that encouraged me to find out for my self, if what I had been taught was right. Initially there were two approaches that I followed. The first was logic. Being scientifically minded, what I was taught had to make sense. The second was from a spiritual level, I needed to know if God did exist and how he would communicate this to me. I personally studied and prayed for over a year before I received my own positive confirmation that it was all true. Over time I have experienced many spiritual experiences that convinces me more than hard evidence can ever do. Although finding real evidence is very satisfying in the since it makes what I know more tangible. One tangible and undeniable evidence for Mormonism is the Book of Mormon. I have studied this book from many different angles. Its production, historical context both old and new world, the text and the great message centered on Jesus Christ. I often say to others if you don't believe in miracles I'll show one to you and then point to the Book of Mormon. It is literally a miracle. I know that Jesus Christ's original church has been restored with a modern prophet Through the Book of Mormon, I was able to come to the knowledge of Jesus as my Saviour. This is the greatest miracle of all to have a personal relationship with Him. For this reason I love everything about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints.

How I live my faith

Like most people of faith, I try to live what I preach but fail on a consistent basis. My Father in Heaven has an individual plan for me and my family. Currently I serve in public affairs in my area. My interest and assignment is to work in multi faith dialogue. This includes reach out to other faith leaders and build relationships based on common interests. I have previously served in many other callings in the church. Each experience helping me to learn something new through service to others. I love prayfully studying the holy scriptures or listen to them on my smart phone. The word of God can come to us in so many ways these days. I try to also teach my family the gospel of Jesus Christ through regular prayer and scripture reading at home. This brings the spirit of love and peace and respect for each other. I feel that I have been blessed and protected from what might have been my life, if I didn't know what I know. However after all I try to do, I know that without the grace of Jesus Christ I could not have done anything these things in the first place. The enabling power of the atonement also strengthens me every day. I try to simply offer up my gratitude to God, since he has given he as given me so much.

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Jesus Christ is the son of God. Mormons believe that God gave his only son to pay the penalty for sin allowing us to return to God through his grace. The book of Mormon proves to the world that Jesus is the very Christ. The book of Mormon is therefore a worthy companion to the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ forms the center of Gods plan for his children. Mormons believe that if we believe, follow and have faith in Jesus Christ that we are able to obtain heavenly help in our personal lives and a promise of eternal life with our families in the next. Show more Show less

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

Thomas S Monson is currently the prophet of God on earth. Along with 12 Apostles we are lead by the spirity of prophecy. Show more Show less

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

The message appeals to a broard range of people. It's an universal message that crosses cultural, linguistic and class boundaries. If you were to attend an average Mormon service you will see people from all walks of life. I often find it amazing that people that would never associate for a variety of reasons, thrive together in a common cause. This is because they all know that God lives and he has chosen a prophet today. Show more Show less

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Becoming a Mormon is an eternal principle. We believe Mormonism is the same religion as original Christianity which is the same religion as Abraham and Adam the first man. God is the founder of it. If you ask a non Mormon however you may get the typical answer that in 1820 a young farm boy Joseph Smith received a vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ. This was the first of many visitations from many Biblical and other prophets. These additional visitations often with many other witnesses the original Christian church was restored along with all its former authority. This is a marvellous work and a wonder. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

The church is often one of the first on a major desaster sceen. When Brisbane flooded recently hundreds of Mormons were organised and sent to help. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

We admire Joseph Smith no more than Peter, Moses or any other biblical prophet. Show more Show less