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SCOTSWANA... From Botswana Africa to London South Mission via Scotland and yesss.... I'm a Mormon

About Me

I was born and raised in Botswana until I was 14 years old then moved to Scotland. When I was 16 the missionaries taught me the beautiful massage of the Gospel. I came to know for myself that God lives. When I became 19 I recieved a call to serve a mission, which I'm still serving now. "England London South Mission"

Why I am a Mormon

My mum passed away when I was about 10. From then my life was just horrible. I started to have questionS. Where do we come from???Why are we here??? Where I'm I gonna go when I die??. There was no one who could answer this questions. Until 2 young missionaries shared with me the Plan Of Salvation. I really liked what they taught me, it just made SENSE but they could be lying so they invited me to PRAY. May I tell you that they where not lying. I came to know for myself that the things they shared with me are true through prayer. As I kneeled down as a 16 year old. I felt the Spirit of the Lord testify to me that THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST IS GOD'S TRUE CHURCH...THAT JOSEPH SMITH DID INDEED TRANSLATE THE BOOK OF MORMON BY THE POWER OF GOD AND THROUGH HIM THE PRIESTHOOD "POWER AND AUTHORITY TO ACT IN GOD'S NAME" WAS RESTORED AGAIN IN THIS LATTER DAYS. I know for myself through the Spirit of the Lord, for the Spirit Testify of TRUTH

How I live my faith

I follow what my church leaders tell me to do. We have been told worthy able young men are required to server a full time mission between the age of 19 and 25.I have followed this counsel and I'm serving my mission here in London South Mission. I love my mission I have learned a lot for the past year I have been out.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

God is the source of all truth. He loves you and wants to answer your questions. He will help you recognize the truth as you sincerely seek it and ask Him for guidance. You can know that what you’ve been learning is true see James 15-6 Book of Mormon, Moroni 104-5. Sincerely pray to your Heavenly Father. Ask Him if what you are learning is true. Continue to study and give thoughtful consideration to what you are learning. Listen with your heart for the sweet feelings of inspiration from the Holy Ghost, who will to whisper the truth to your spirit and mind. Follow God’s commandments so you can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost. You may have experienced feelings of peace, hope, comfort, or happiness as you’ve read. If so, you have already felt the Holy Ghost telling you that these things are true. Show more Show less