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Hi I'm Cynthia aka Cindy

I'm a native Vermonter. I "settled for Les" and got more than I ever dreamed of. We are both Mormons.

About Me

I have worn many hats: daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, etc. I've worked as a travel agent, substitute teacher, and as an administrative assistant for the Reagan Administration. I am a convert (age 16) to the LDS church. I attended BYU where I majored in a variety of things: Elementary Education, Political Science, and finally, Travel and Tourism through the Geography Department which I graduated in. I met my husband in a singles ward in the D.C. area. I was working for the Reagan Administration and he was an engineer for Westinghouse near Baltimore. We were sealed in the Washington D.C. Temple and had two (son and daughter)of our three children in Maryland. We moved to Vermont in 1987 and had our 3rd child (daughter) here. We have three glorious grandchildren. I love to sing, read, hook rugs, make beaded jewelry, go yard saling, collect quotes, search for "missing" friends or classmates via different avenues of the Internet, and send packages to my grandchildren. I used to do more but I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue in 2007. When I'm discouraged at what I can no longer do, I count my blessings which are many! Oh, and I love animals, especially our Cockaschnoodle, Vincent Bernard and our calico cat, Lily Noelle.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up, we weren't even an Easter or Christmas church going family, but through our mother, the belief in God was instilled into me and my older sister and brother. I knew at a very young age (5 or 6) that God was real because of a silly prayer that I said and informed God that if He didn't answer it, I'd never believe in Him. Within 5 minutes, my prayer was answered. The knowledge of God and His Son never wavered but I didn't seek to find out more about Them until high school. I became a member of a different religion and I truly believe that that was what set me on my path to find the truth. The LDS church teaches what I had always believed in: Baptism by immersion, God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are 3 separate beings, children are innocent until the age of eight, we existed before coming to this earth and will continue to live after we leave, marriage and families are for eternity, there is more than just Heaven and Hell, that ALL will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and have the choice to accept it and be baptized regardless of when and where they have lived on this earth, and that we have a living Prophet and Apostles as in the days of old to lead us and guide us. There is so much more to what this Gospel means to me, but I am running out of letters.

How I live my faith

Being a member of the LDS faith is a way of life that we live 24/7...... I'm certainly not a perfect member but I try each day to be an example of what Christ hopes for me to be. I attend my church meetings, not only on Sundays but other meetings that may come with a calling I have or some instruction I may need. I pay my tithing, honor the Sabbath Day, pray and read scriptures. When I do have a calling, I try to educate myself on what that calling entails and then pray as to how I can best do what I've been asked to do. I have worked with the young children, teens, young single adults, and the women. I love to do my visiting teaching because it gives me the opportunity to serve sisters who may or may not be active in the church. As I pray, read the scriptures and attend my meetings, I am reminded of my strengths and my weaknesses and set goals to be a better person today than I was yesterday. I love my relatives, friends, and neighbors. I hope that I show this by my example to them. I try to show kindness to all. I have things I need to work on such as judging and gossiping and am a work in progress in those areas as well as others. I try to stay in tune with the Spirit so I can know when I need to work harder. I also try to be "honest in my dealings with my fellow man" as I know I will be asked that very question by my wonderful Bishop. It isn't always easy being LDS, but it is worth it and I know I am a better person for following the teachings of the Gospel.