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Hi I'm Laura

I am a mother, sister, wife, and friend. I joined the church when I was 20. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to read, run and spend time in nature. I love sunshine and the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees. I especially love the ocean and started out studying marine biology in college, but changed my major to physcial education. Maybe I should have been an english major, because I especially love reading classical literature. I've run 2 full and 2 half marathons. Actually, as the mother or 4 boys, who I also happen to homeschool, I run a marathon every day! I'd like to travel more. I especially want to visit Australia and Egypt. grew up as a navy brat, moving around as my father changed duty stations. Right after I was married, I was able to live for a few months in Europe. If I could have one talent, I'd like to sing. I really cannot keep, or even find a tune! But I love music and sing anyway, just don't expect me to be in the choir.

Why I am a Mormon

I was introduced to the church by my highschool boyfriend. I actually attended church for 3 years before I was baptized. I really wanted to understand the teachings and be sure I could commit to living the gospel. In addition to reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover, attending church and meeting with the missionaries, I spend quite a bit of time researching the "Anti-Mormon" perspective. I felt myself become very confussed and anxious about what what right and what was wrong. I realized that I wasn't getting anywhere with all my study. One night, I decided to really pray about the gospel and found my answer in a simple but powerful thought, "You already know the Gospel is true." I chose to be baptized a month later. I felt so much peace and joy. What I remember most about being baptized is smiling so much afterward that at the end of the day my cheeks hurt. The things that initially drew me to the church was the strength of the Latter Day Saint families I knew, the genuine love and happiness I felt from its members, and their emphasis on serving others. Doctrinally, things just clicked with me. For the first time I really found answers to my questions about God.

How I live my faith

For the last 10 years I've worked in the youth organization of the church, serving and leading the young women ages 12-18. I love the youth of the church. The are such a bright light in an often dark world. They give me much hope for the future. Personally, I find scripture study and prayer to be the two things that immediately bring me spiritual strength. With 4 small children, it is a challenge to take the time to do this on a daily basis, so I have to be very creative. Prayers are sometimes offered between taxing my small children to their various activities. Scripture reading often happens in the middle of the night while I'm rocking a newborn back to sleep. I strive to live my faith by serving my community. I like to get to know my neighbors. We all end up benefiting from the friendship and help we give one another. As a family, we are very involved in our local little league. We realize that we cannot just take, we have to contribute to make our community better for ourselves and for our children. I been blessed to have many leadership responsibilites in the church. Those have been great opportunites for service, but really I live my faith in small and simple ways each day. It can be something as simple as giving a smile to someone who looks like they need a little encouragement, being a friend to someone who doesn't normally "fit" within my circle, or taking the time to say something nice to someone in the grocery store check out lane with me.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

I started reading the Bible on my own when I was about 11. Although my family didn't attend church, we always had a Bible or two aroudn the house. It was when I began reading the bible that I started to feel my Saviors love for me. Without my love for the Bible, I don't think I would have been able to understand the Book of Mormon. In return, the Book or Mormon has strengthened my faith in the Bible. They both testify of Christ and in doing so, strengthen my knowledge of and faith in Him. Show more Show less