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Hi I'm Geri

I served a mission in Peru. I am now a wife and a mom of 10 kids. I homeschool. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I spend my day cooking, organizing and re-organizing what I tried to organize last week. I supervise the vacuuming, weeding, bed making, laundering, cooking, and toilet scrubbing of my 10 kids. I'm always asked if I actually had them all. Yes I did, and one at a time! Along with teaching them the basic skills of life, I also homeshool them until they go to 9th grade. I love the time we spend together as a family. Most days I don't really feel like I'm getting anywhere or really teaching anyone anything. Then someone manages to do something really great or say something semi-profound and my life seems like it's not such a failure. I love being a mom and a wife. I love to dance crazy with my girls. I love to go to my kids sporting events and scream really loud! I love to look at the clouds with my kids and see what pictures they make. My kids know that when I scream through the house to everyone to hurry out to the front porch it means I want them to see the beautiful sunset. I love going on dates every week with my husband. I love spending time with friends and family. When life seems to be too much to take I play the piano. It's my way of shutting out the world for a few minutes. A genetic disorder in 3 of my children first prompted me to start learning more about our bodies and healing and nutrition. One of my passions is learning more about the things God has put on the earth to heal us. I love sharing what I learn with others.

Why I am a Mormon

This is where I feel complete and whole. The teachings of the Mormon church ring true and make me feel like I'm home. Knowing I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and sent His Son to sacrifice His life for me is life altering. I know I'm someone who has worth. This life isn't by chance or just a game. It has meaning. There was much time that I spent outside the walls of the church, though I've been a Mormon since I was baptized at 8. I questioned, I rebelled against the teachings. My life was going down the drain. I finally got to the bottom and knew there was only one way out. I started by reading the Book of Mormon for the first time. I didn't even read it all the way through or even really understand it but the Spirit spoke to my heart that it was true. I got away from a terrible situation by events that the Lord put into my life. I felt my Savior's hands literally reaching out to me to take them and let Him wrap me in His arms. I felt the healing power of repentance and forgiveness. I knew that I wanted that feeling forever. I've made many mistakes in my life, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ has shown me the way to better myself. It has taught me that I matter to God. It has taught me that what I do everyday matters; that what I do for others matters. I know that God would not leave us alone to flounder and try to figure out on our own what is truth. He has given us a prophet of God to lead and guide us. I know God hears my prayers. I have felt the Spirit testify the truth of the love that God has for me. My Savior lives, and is a powerful influence in my life.

How I live my faith

I start and end each day on my knees, thanking God for my blessings and asking my Heavenly Father for guidance. I gather my children for family prayer and we study the scriptures. On Sunday nights we gather as family and learn about the Gospel. Each Monday night we try as hard as we can to all be together, to sing, to play, to spend quality family time. I kneel each night by the side of my children's beds to teach them to pray. I teach my children where to look in the scriptures for answers to their struggles and questions. I've been able to work with the little children in my church teaching them about Jesus, and teaching them beautiful music that teaches about Jesus. I have taught adult classes on the Scriptures which gave me the opportunity to really learn more about them myself. Currently I work with the young girls, ages 12-18 in our church. My focus is to teach them skills they need to have and some that are just becoming lost, like quilting, crocheting, and knitting. We make many things that are sent to other countries to help aid the poor. Atleast once a month we do service as a group for someone in need. I try to teach them to have the courage to stand for the right in a wicked world. They really end up teaching me more than I teach them! I try often to look for ways for my family to be of service to others. I love to listen to people. And then I love to help them find answers to their problems in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I visit other sisters in my church at their homes each month and share a gospel message. I try to be a good person, to love God, and to treat each person I come in contact with the way I think Jesus would treat them. I don't do anything remarkable. I just try to love people and make time for them. That's what I think living my Faith is all about.