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Hi I'm Mark Allred

I'm a Mormon. I've lived in several western states and Pennsylvania. We moved to Montana several years ago and love it.

About Me

I have always loved the mountains and being active. My Dad taught us to love camping (Mom went along too though I learned much later that she didn't love it). Since moving to Montana I have become a hunter. I have participated in sports since I was young, playing baseball, basketball, football, softball. When my children (3 girls, 2 boys) were young I coached soccer. I do some fishing too and I enjoy hiking. From my mother I gained a love of reading. I've had a number of jobs over the years. I've sold cars, worked at the FBI, sold insurance, worked in computer support, sold valves and fittings. Most recently I've been a cabinetmaker. having my own shop in California, then working for several here in Montana. I now work for a retail flooring store as a sales rep.

Why I am a Mormon

I like to tell people that I've been a member of the LDS Church since 1832. That is when my great-grandparents joined the church in Missouri. I guess I just feel that immersed in the restored gospel. I don't mean to imply that I am anywhere near perfect. I have worked and been friends with many non-members and paid attention to the beliefs of other creeds. While my testimony is such that I have never felt the need to look for something else, I have never seen another faith that made me take notice as having something I was lacking. I am a member of this Church because through the Book of Mormon I have a firm testimony of the mission of Joseph Smith, the restoration of the priesthood and in the Plan of Salvation. Having grown up in the church it is hard to pinpoint my conversion. As a child I never seemed to doubt that this was the Lord's church. While I can't say I was converted on my mission, I do feel my testimony was cemented then and my understanding was certainly broadened. There is a difference between being involved and being committed to something. I liken that difference to a ham and egg breakfast. You have a chicken who is involved and a hog who is fully committed. I consciously try to be a restored gospel hog.

How I live my faith

I served a mission to Germany in the Frankfurt mission back in the cold war days from 1980-82. I loved the people and the country. I have filled many different positions in the church. In the past I have been a Sunday School teacher (of children and adults), an Assistant Scout Master, and the leader of one of the men's priesthood organizations. Currently I serve as an assistant ward (congregation) clerk, the ward website administrator and as Scout Committee Chairman. I, like most active priesthood holders, am also a Home Teacher. All four of the families I visit are not fully active in the church. I recognize the need to visit them and give them some connection to the ward, and make sure they know we are interested in how they are doing. It can be a challenge to make regular visits, life gets in the way sometimes, but I am always aware of the love our Savior has for these families and of the responsibility I have accepted to be there for them. Living according to my testimony has made an impression on many with whom I have worked and associated. For example, I try to be honest in all that I do and to treat my employer's business as though it were my own. This is because of what I have learned from the restored gospel. Much of the time I don't think others have realized that what they have seen in me is because of my faith. However, I know that others have seen a difference in me. When I was leaving the employ of my last cabinetry job, my employer related me what he was told by my previous employer, and he concurred. That employer said that if he put a bucket of gold coins out in the shop he knew that Mark would be the only one not to take any. I have received awards and promotions because of my attitude toward the job I do. These things I attribute to the way I was raised and my testimony of the gospel. The true gospel of Jesus Christ changes you from the inside. It has everything to do with how I see the world and treat those around me.