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Hi I'm Will Dunlavy

I'm a Mormon. Proud to share my faith.

About Me

I am a Father and Grandfather with a combined family of 10 children and 5 grandchildren with the sixth on the way. My family consists of both active and inactive members as well as one non-member. I love to ski, golf, play tennis, go to movies, and read books. I travel for my job and have visited six continents which has given me a deep appreciation for all cultures and customs. To some I am a bit of a nerd since I work as a consultant in the computer software industry, While I do love the great outdoors and was an eagle scout I have to admit that my idea of camping now consists of a hotel without 24 hour a day room service. All kidding aside I am starting to become more active and hope that my knee replacements will allow me to once again enjoy all of the outdoors sports again. My Children range from 34 to 10 and are all a source of pride in my life. While I have made many mistakes in my life, I have finally realized what is most important to me and have been blessed with a wonderful understanding wife who keeps me both young and grounded. This new understanding has come from hard work to strengthen my faith and I hope that I can continue to build that faith in the future. My family history is one full of christian ministers and while growing up I also had 3 Jewish father figures after my father passed away when I was five. So I was exposed to various unitarian churches, catholic church and Jewish faith before I joined the LDS church.

Why I am a Mormon

I guess I start when I was a baby and my grandmother Dunlavy held me up and declared that I was to be the man of god for our family of my generation. After my father died, I was split between vacation bible school and catechisms in the catholic church. My mother had 3 partners all of whom were Jewish so they also started to take me with them on Saturday to learn their faith. My mother was a kind lady and we always seemed to have kids who needed guidance in our house. One of those had a friend named Hans and he was LDS. One night we were putting down carpet when there was a knock on the door and Hans was there with two missionaries who all came in and helped lay the carpet. They offered to give discussions to us and I accepted. It turns out that my mother had helped the Missionaries during World War II but never would join the church because of how it would effect her family. One night I went to bed and had a dream of about my father, and his family telling me that the missionaries were coming tomorrow and would ask us to be baptized and that my mother would say no but if I said yes she would follow. So the next morning I got up and cleaned the house and my mother thought I was sick or had done something but I told her the missionaries were coming at 10 and would ask us to be baptized. She assured me that we were not ready and still had a lot to learn but at 10 am there was a knock on the door and one of the missionaries was going home and his parents were there and they wanted to baptize us that night. My mother said no but I said yes so we became mormons. St. Louis at the time had 3 wards and was not a popular religion but my mothers parents reaction was less than enthusiastic and they promptly sent the priests and grandma Dunlavy sent the minister over to convince us of our errors but we stayed faithful and I later baptized my mother's mother in Anchorage Alaska. I still remember her answer did she believe in the Book of Mormon. It is true!

How I live my faith

I have not always been as faithful in living the religion as I should have been and in the course of my live have lost a lot of opportunities and even hurt some people. While I may not have lived the faith as strongly, I never lost my testimony of the gospel and of Book of Mormon. It was because I was proud and did not feel that my talents were appreciated and I became angry at members here in Utah. Many years later and a few heart attacks, failed marriages and general frustration of life, I decided on one trip to pick up the Book of Mormon and start reading it again. I then committed myself to working my way back into living my faith. It was a hard road that started by paying tithing, stop drinking, going to church, praying and committing myself to become worth to go back to the Temple. It took me two years to feel good about going to the Bishop and having a temple interview. Once I received my recommend I went to the temple and found a peace of mind that I was finally back on track. From there I was blessed by meeting a lovely wife and as we were in the Las Vegas temple I felt the spirit prompt me to ask her to marry me. I did so that night and we were married shortly there after. Since my reactivation as it were, I have had the opportunity to have many conversations with people while traveling and it through the bearing of my testimony that I strengthen my own faith. To those who I have wronged in the world I beg their forgiveness and do testify to them that the Gospel is true and that the Church is here for those of us who are not perfect so that we can learn and perfect our own beings. To those who are not going to church because they may not feel worthy or that they have problems I give you my testimony that prayer, faith, and living the gospel principals are what will make you truly joyous. Church is still the best place to go and let the spirit comfort you.