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Hi I'm Scott

I'm a Mormon living in the State of New Jersey. I have been blessed a beautiful family. I am an attorney.

About Me

I was fortunate to be raised a Latter-day Saint, or "Mormon." My parents converted to our faith when I was a baby and, while they were not always active in our religion as I grew up, still I was raised in our faith. As a teen, I read and studied the scriptural works of our Church, including the Bible and Book of Mormon. While reading these books, I received a powerful witness that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that God is real and loves me and that God had called Joseph Smith as a prophet and modern apostle in our days. This witness, or "testimony" as we say, led me to desire to serve a full time mission for my Church. For two years (age 19-21) I taught the people of France and Switzerland the truths of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I had many wonderful experiences while serving as a missionary, and have continued to serve in our Church iover the years whenever requested. I now am married with a beautiful family. I've been blesssed with interesting career opportunities that have taken me all over the globe. My dear wife and I were among the pioneering Mormons in Russia, where I was able to serve as a volunteer congregation head, or "branch president." In more recent years, I have helped my area of New Jersey (our "Stake") be prepared for emergencies. In the aftermath of hurricanes Irene and Sandy, I helped coordinate volunteer relief efforts. Our Church donated some 250,000+ hours of service after Sandy in helping clean out the homes of storm victims.

Why I am a Mormon

During my high school years I was left with the freedom to make my own choices as to whether I wanted to attend Church meetings and prepare for an LDS mission at age 19. The Lord reached out to me during these years. I felt his influence very powerfully, giving me comfort and direction, even at times when my interest in Church matters was lacking. After completing high school, I took a trip across the US that gave me time to think about life and my future plans. I did a lot of praying, reading the scriptures and soul searching. At the end of this trip, I had received a powerful testimony of God's love for me and I was determined to serve my mission. In the months prior to my mission service, a relative whom I loved and respected sent me a few letters questioning my faith. Nothing he wrote or said could shake me from my testimony, even if he seemed to be more knowledgeable than I on some subjects. Now, more than thirty years later, I've had a chance to read widely on many topics, including academic works dealing with my faith. I have even published on Mormon historical topics. I can honestly say, all these years later, that I still have a witness from God that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. Mormons who seek to follow Christ are blessed with the Holy Ghost. I can testify of the reality of the comfort, guidance and direction that the Lord can give us through this precious gift.

How I live my faith

For me, faith is an integral part of my daily life. Its a big part of who I am. My faith in Christ has brought peace in hard times and joy on many occasions as I have sought to live the teachings of Christ. Being a Christian in today's world is not easy. All of us are exposed to temptations, distractions or wordly pressures that can pull us away from God and the things that matter most. In such situations, I remind myself that staying true to gospel principles is what will bring the greatest peace and happiness. Every Mormon has a wonderful weekly opportunity to examine his or her soul during what we call the Sarament, often called the "Lord's Supper" in other deominations. This is a quiet moment at Church during which I reflect on my past week, make personal resolves to live better, and ask the Lord's help in overcoming weaknesses. My family and I attend Sacrament meeting together in our local LDS chapel. Following the passing of the Sacramental trays to the congregation, members take turn giving talks and short inpirational messages as assigned by the local bishop (who is a volunteer with duties similar to those of a pastor or priest). Later, the adults, youth and children meet with their respective age-groups for Sunday school and other lessons. The highest form of worship in our faith involves the Holy Temple. These are about 150 of thes sacred buildings all over the world. My wife and I were sealed in the New Zealand Temple in a beautiful, simple ceremony that binds us eternally as a couple. Mormons also perform vicarious baptisms and other ordinances for deceased ancestors in these sacred Temples. The Apostle Paul made a passing reference to baptism for the dead in Biblical times, showing that he was familiar with the practice (1 Corinthians 15:29). My family and I have been blessed to take the names of hundreds of ancestors to the Temple. Doing this work for our ancestors has been among the most spiritual experiences of my life.